Palmolive Oxy Power Degreaser Dish Soap Review

by Taylor

Here's another Palmolive dishwashing liquid review from me, since I tried a couple of different varieties.

After trying the original scent of this dishwashing soap (see my review here) I wasn't actually very excited to try a new version, because I just didn't like the previous scent.

However, my mother-in-law purchased this soap for us when she saw we were running low, and so I ended up using it, and was pleasantly surprised. It had all the positives of the original version, but none of the yucky smell.

It was still thick, which I like, since I felt like I needed to use less on my sponge each time. Plus, as it promised it did cut grease really well (although I don't think it did better than the original in this regard).

Further, I know it said it had "oxy power degreaser" in it, but I saw no evidence either way that these added ingredients helped or not.

I didn't think it performed in a superior way to the original version for degreasing, but the original didn't do a bad job in my opinion to begin with. (My main complaint with the original was not performance, just scent.)

Therefore, my final thought is that if you're looking for a dish soap that performs well, and doesn't have a cloying scent this one may be for you.

I still think it costs a lot though, so would most likely buy it when I've got a coupon (hopefully when combined with a sale), but I would definitely try it again.

I would love to hear from even more people who have used any of the scents and varieties of this dish soap, since there are a lot I have not personally tried yet. You can share your dishwashing soap reviews here for this or any other brand, or read lots or reviews of brands that have already been submitted by other readers.

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Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid Review: Oxy Power Degreaser

by Heidi
(Homewood, IL)

I have mainly used the original strength, green Palmolive most of the time for years. It was the dish soap my mother preferred after they discontinued Dove dish soap, which was awesome, and it's a shame is faded away.

This version had a pleasent fragrance and worked well on both everyday and greasy dishes. However, it cost more than the original green version and dried out my hands pretty bad, but most dishwashing liquids dry my hands out pretty bad.

I would purchase again with a coupon, or if it was on sale for less than my preferred brand(s).

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