Orange Glo Wood Floor Cleaner And Polish Review - 4 In 1 Product

by Shelly

Shelly has shared her Orange Glo wood floor cleaner and polish review, which is also often also called Orange Glo 4-in-1 cleaner.

Shelly says:

This is over all good product, at least for certain uses.

I know it says you can use it to both clean and polish your wood floors, but I have found that I need to clean my floors first with something else, and then I use the Orange Glo 4-in-1 after I clean them.

I have light colored hard wood, and it works great on it to give it a shine.

The only thing that I would say is bad is that your floor has to really be clean prior to putting this product on or it will look disgusting.

This product also makes the floor very shiny so depending on the color of your hardwood and your preference you may or may not like this product.

I have used other hard wood floor cleaners as well that are better for a weekly basis. I only use this product when I have family coming over or things of that nature.

After a week of having this on the floor it does start to look really dirty and you have to clean your floors again but being that this is a product that sticks to your floor that is pretty much going to happen with all the similar products out there.

So if you need a temporary clean shiny floor this product can work great
for you. However if you are looking for a product to get your floor looking great for an extended amount of time you may not be too pleased.

Taylor says:

Shelly, thanks for sharing your Orange Glo wood floor cleaner and polish review.

I guess your review seems a bit more positive than mine would be, with the characteristics you've described. It seems to me that if a product promises to do several things at once, such as in the case of Orange Glo 4-in-1, which promises to "clean, shine, protect and revitalize" all at once, then I would be mad to have to clean with something else first.

I've also read several other reviews of this product which have mentioned that over time, when people use it repeatedly, that they start to develop a haze on their floors from the Orange Glo.

Has this happened to anyone? I guess for me the jury is still out with this one, so I would love to hear even more reviews from others to tell me how it has worked for you, especially over a long period of time.

You can share your hardwood floor cleaners review here for this or any other product, telling me your experiences with it, and how it has worked for you (good or bad). You can also read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, I've also received reviews of another version of Orange Glo floor cleaner. You can read a Orange Glo Everyday Hardwood Floor Cleaner reviews here.

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Think Again Before You Use It!!!!!

by SR101 Reader

To maintain the $12,000 solid hickory floor I had installed just 10 years ago I was talked into using the Orange Glo 4 in 1 polish/cleaner.

I have one word . . . ."BEWARE"!!!

No, the build up will not come up with ammonia in whatever strength you use.

It just cost me $1,267.00 to attempt to remove the build up and put a new finish on my very expensive floor.

The only real solution to bring it back to its original shape and get rid of the Orange Glo is to totally strip, sand, and start over with fresh wood which has to be sanded to get rid of the Orange Glo, and then re polyurethane the entire floor. An 8 day process, and having to move basically to the lower level during the process.

This product should come with a warning . . . "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK."

I originally bought it from Bed Bath & Beyond and now I know why they discontinued carrying the product.

You can get it at Walmart or through Amazon, but they will sell anything.

Take it from me, you start using Orange Glo polish cleaner (4 & 1), you will be so sorry down the road. You will literally destroy your floor.

Plan on having to refinish the entire floor (if it's not a laminate, then you're really screwed). Think I've made my point. NO NO NO NO!

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Orange Glo Made Crusty Residue On My Wood Floors

by Carolyn

Carolyn says:


I used Orange Glo to clean custom wood floors originally finished with polyurethane. After several weeks I noticed a crusty mixture of dust and finish building up around the edges of the floor where the push mop created a "snow plow" effect. Layers of dust and fuzz embedded in the residue hardened into a nasty coating that was beginning to change the color of the wood.

Nothing short of pure ammonia seemed to dissolve the build up.

I could scrape the mess off with my fingernails or pull it off with blue painters tape.

Now I'm spending big bucks to have the entire mess professionally removed. DO NOT USE ORANGE GLO!!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that Orange Glo wood floor cleaner and polish made such a mess of your floors Carolyn. Thanks for sharing what happened to you though, so that others can at least consider this before buying the product.

I would be curious to hear from even more people who have used this product, sharing what you think about it. Please note there are several versions of Orange Glo on the market, some with both cleaners and polish, others just for cleaning, and still other products used for polishing furniture but not for use on floors. Therefore, when you share your review with me please tell me exactly what type you used, so I can report your review in the right place.

You can share your wood furniture cleaner and polish reviews here, for this or any other brand, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

In addition, you can submit your hardwood floor cleaners reviews here.

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Comments for Orange Glo Made Crusty Residue On My Wood Floors

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Do not use
by: Lori

My son spent hours stripping and refinishing the oak hard wood floors in a 70+ year old home that we own. He stripped them down and stained them and finished up with 3 coats of polyurethane. This is what he was told to do by his uncle who has his own saw mill and installs wood floors and makes cabinets. The floors looked amazing when he was finished. About 4 weeks later he bought the Orange Glo 4 in 1 to "CLEAN" the floors. IT MADE A MESS OF THE FLOORS! It looks like someone mopped the floors with a dirty rag! There are spot and streaks on the floor that are very shiny than other part look like they have a haze on them. We have tried EVERYTHING to get this off of the floors! It just made both of us sick! All that hard work refinishing those floor and than this happens. After it was too late I've read many post from others who have had the same problems with the Orange-glo. Orange-glo needs to pay for the damage this product has caused. I'm sharing because I don't want others to use this.

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