Meijer Ecowise Dish Soap Review: Lemon Eucalyptus Scent

by Taylor

I've now used an entire bottle of Meijer Ecowise dish soap, in the lemon eucalyptus scent and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with this product.

I really like to try to use eco-friendly and green cleaning products when I can, plus I like to save money. Therefore, I wanted to try several of these store brand products since they, in theory, can satisfy both criteria at once.

As much as I generally like Meijer's store brand products (such as their disinfecting wipes and dryer sheets) I won't be purchasing this particular dishwashing detergent again.

There are several reasons, but the primary one was the scent. I've used lemon eucalyptus scented products before, and although it isn't my favorite it's been fine.

However, this one really offended my husband's nose -- so much so that he preferred using the Mrs. Meyer's honeysuckle scented dish soap which he also hated, because he hated it less! That is really saying something if you know my husband, since flowery scents are NOT his thing.

I agree the scent wasn't the best, because with the eucalyptus I think it smelled rather medicinal, but I wasn't as offended by it as he was.

But even if I could purchase this, in just another scent, I don't think I would.

The reason is that I didn't think it
worked as well as other green dish soaps I've already tried.

This one was rather thin, and didn't lather well, which made me feel like I was squirting out too much each time on the sponge.

Plus, when I would use it to wash a pot or pan I felt like I had to work too hard to clean up the grease and stuck on bits, like it just wasn't as strong.

I didn't personally notice this, but my husband also felt like it left a bit of a film on the dishes, which was yet another reason he didn't like to use it. (Basically he ignored it on the side of the sink, and used just about anything else in its place.)

So, as much as I wanted to like this brand I just didn't. Of course, reasonable people can differ, so if you've tried this product please tell me your experiences and opinions of it as well.

Are you looking for a natural dish soap? If so, I've got LOTS of natural dish soap reviews here from myself and other readers that you can check out. Or even better, leave your own review that I can add to the site!

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