Homemade Screen Cleaner Spray Recipe

Here's a video with a recipe for homemade screen cleaner spray.

Homemade screen cleaner recipe that is simple and frugal, only two ingredients! It works well on computer, laptop, smart phone, and tablet screens {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
You can use this cleaning product to clean your computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet screens, for example.

The supplies you'll need include:

1. Misting spray bottle.

2. Funnel.

3. Microfiber cleaning cloth.

The ingredients you'll need include:

1. One part 70% isopropyl alcohol.

2. One part distilled water (don't use tap water, since it has minerals that can leave spots and residue on your screen).

Add these two ingredients into your misting spray bottle and shake gently to mix them.

Once you've mixed up your homemade screen cleaning spray just add a couple squirts onto a microfiber cloth, and gently use the damp cloth to clean those fingerprints, dust, and dirt off so you can see what's on your screen more easily once again.

It is important, as with any screen cleaner, to spray your cloth and use that on the screen since spraying electronics directly with any type of liquid is a big no no.

In addition, you know how you can accidentally do all kinds of things on a touch screen if you're rubbing them, so make sure to turn your devices off before cleaning so you don't accidentally send a text or some weird message to someone on accident! :)

Here's the video for full details:

If you decide you don't want to make your own cleaner, you can also check out these LCD cleaner reviews to see which commercial products might work for you as well.

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Finally, do you have a tip for cleaning your electronics screens, like LCDs, computers, TVs, smart phones or tablets? If so, tell me about them here.

Homemade screen cleaner recipe that is simple and frugal, only two ingredients! It works well on computer, laptop, smart phone, and tablet screens {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Also cleans your glasses
by: Glennis

I keep a very small misting bottle of isopropyl alcohol on my desk just for getting the smudges off my eyeglasses.

what I use
by: Stephanie

I use rubbing alcohol towelettes.

baby wipes
by: Misty

I use baby wipes.

rubbing alcohol
by: Veronica

I just use rubbing alcohol on a soft towel. It dries fast with no streaks.

This is great!
by: Anonymous

I made this spray just like you said. It works perfectly-thank you! I saw one made with vinegar but that would smell bad.

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