Homemade Copper Polish & Cleaner Recipe

by Nellie

Nellie shared this homemade copper polish and cleaner recipe with me, which is also all natural.

Nellie says:

When I had my kitchen cabinets painted I saw that the hardware was extremely tarnished copper.

I searched online for a solution and found they suggested baking soda and lemon juice.

So I squeezed lemons and made a paste with the baking soda and rubbed the mixture on the copper hardware.

Some of the tarnish came off easy, while some of it needed to sit a bit first, but it all got cleaned up!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe Nellie.

I love using natural products to get things clean! You can read even more homemade cleaners recipes here, or share your own.

Further, I've collected lots of baking soda uses here if you'd like to learn even more ways to use this product around your home.

home remedies for cleaning copper pots
Similarly, you can also share your tips for cleaning with lemon juice here or read others already submitted.

You'd be surprised how many ways there are to use both of the ingredients in this recipe in other homemade cleaning products as well!

Finally, if you're cleaning pots and pans, check out these suggested home remedies and recipes for pot cleaning here.

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Natural Recipe To Clean Copper & Silver Fantastically

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Use a clean cloth, and then mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with it to clean copper or silver.

Make sure you wear gloves or your nails will get stain.

Then you must also clean your nails with the same ingredients that you used to clean the copper or silver.

It works great.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this recipe. I have not personally tried it, so I would love to hear from others who have to share how it worked for them.

You can share more recipes for silver cleaning here or read other submissions already provided.

Further, you can check out even more uses for hydrogen peroxide here, for this versatile natural cleaning product.

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Comments for Natural Recipe To Clean Copper & Silver Fantastically

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Cleaning copper or brass
by: Ansie

Mix equal amounts of citric acid and sunlight liquid, with lemon. Use a sponge to distribute it across the surface and rise or wipe.

Vinegar and fine grit
by: John

If you want to clean old copper pennies (Indian Heads and Lincoln Heads) of their tarnish put them into a peanut butter jar half filled with vinegar and a tablespoon of fine grit (finer than sand). Swirl every once in a while. Within a few hours all of the tarnish will be gone and then the pennies can be polished with very fine steel wool. Note: Coin collectors of extremely fine, highly valuable coins might object to this approach.

Cleaning copper / brass with ketchup
by: Greg Baughman

The easiest, non-toxic way to clean copper and brass is.... (drum roll) KETCHUP.

Spread ketchup liberally on the surface and let it sit about 10 minutes, then rinse off.

I use this method on an antique brass bugle. It looks like brand new! (Except for the couple of dents). I have also used it on copper chafing dishes and copper-bottomed pans.

Texas Pete hot sauce for copper
by: Macky

Easy to use and not expensive--any type of tomato hot sauce works great.

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