Hagerty Silver Polish Aerosol Spray Review - Problems With Sprayer

Below are quite a few reviews of Hagerty silver polish spray, in the aerosol can, which is also known as "Silversmiths' Spray Polish."

The reviews include not only discussions about how the product works for polishing silver, but also quite a bit of discussion of the spray can itself that the product comes in.

It can be really frustrating when something doesn't spray properly, and bad news, it appears from all the complaints I've received that this product often clogs the sprayer.

But now for the good news, in both some of the submissions and the comments below, readers have shared what worked for them to unclog the sprayer as well!

Here's the first review, from a reader, "Tarnation":

Tarnation says:

I bought the Hagerty silversmiths' spray polish. Initially I was very pleased, despite the uneven spray.

That only lasted for the first third of the contents, and then it would only spray for about half a second. Clean nozzle, shake like crazy, and get another half second of product dispensed. Repeat and repeat and repeat...

I called the company -- they were very dismissive and said no replacement could be made without a receipt. Who saves receipts for this type of thing for months? Who spends time trying to bilk a company out of a replacement can of silver polish?

Based on the number of hits on Google for this problem I would think the company would be concerned over their reputation. Luckily, I still had some left over polish from another company to do the job before my guests arrived.

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Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this problem with the aerosol spray version of Hagerty silver polish. That sounds frustrating to not be able to use about 2/3 of the can of something you've purchased.

When I did a little research on this, I found that Hagerty also makes a pump version of this spray polish. I was wondering if anyone has tried this version, and if they've got any problems with its pump?

In addition, I would love to hear from even more people who have used the silver polish made by this company. There are many other versions available, including liquid polishes, for example. They are a leader in the industry for cleaning silver, so I'd like to know how other of their products perform.

See below for even more reviews, plus tips for unclogging the aerosol sprayer.

Hagerty silver polish spray reviews, including complaints that the aerosol can clogs, and tips for unclogging it {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Company's Directions For Fixing Spray Problem For Aerosol Cans

by Caroline

I agree with just about everything Hugh writes (see below), I didn't notice uneven coverage, though.

The spray polish did stop working after about 10 minutes of use and I tried everything to unclog the nozzle, stuck a pin in it before and after soaking it in hot water, etc. and nothing worked.

I finished what I had to do with elbow grease and an old reliable product.

Later, I called Hagerty and the receptionist first asked if I was a retailer or consumer.

She was familiar with this aerosol spray can problem and immediately offered the solution (see below).

It is not a problem with the nozzle.

I asked what was causing the problem, she didn't offer outright. From what I could understand (so don't hold me to this), when Hagerty changed the formula with the R-22 and it sits unshaken for a while part of it congeals.

So combine that gel with the frozen compressed air one gets from using an aerosol can for a few minutes and it all freezes up.

<*< Hagerty's fix is to soak the entire can in warm water for 15 minutes (don't expect or try to make the whole can completely submerge). The water should not be too hot or the can will explode but warm enough that you can imagine the contents really liquefying and flowing like water.>*>

The receptionist said this can be done at any point whether you've never used the can, used it for a few minutes or whenever.

I may try this, if I do I'll come back and post and update as to how it worked.

I say "may" because I have mild asthma and aerosol cans and I don't get along, but this came with a gift so I felt obligated to try it.

I was very pleased that the odor did not linger at all like other aerosol sprays, gone as soon as the spray dissipated (about three seconds after I released the nozzle).

I will say that I was really prepared, I used my rescue inhaler 20 minutes before as a preventative, had open windows for cross-ventilation (there was a nice breeze that day so I didn't use a fan to push the air through), and had a mask ready.

How to polish silver: tips and instructions

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This Spray Polish Now Has Acetone & Don't Like It As Well

by Sharon

I've been using this product for about 10 years, the can with 14.5 oz. I just reordered and the can now is 8.5 oz and the same cost of $15.75, making it very expensive.

Be very careful using the new smaller can, it now has acetone which it didn't have before. It smells bad and if you have any breathing problems at all you could have a problem using this.

I just bought six cans and will have to return them. I have COPD and using it to clean one bridle I can't breathe. Too bad, it seems once a company has a good product, they find a way to cut corners to make more money.

I once was very high on this product but would never recommend it again. Way too expensive, smells bad, and doesn't shine as good as it did. I had to go over everything twice.

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Hagerty Aerosol Spray Polish Has Terrible Spray Nozzle

by Hugh Edwards
(Canton, MS)

Hugh says:

This is a great silver cleaning product but it has a terrible spray nozzle.

It just will not stay unstopped.

All the Hagerty recomendations for fixes don't work.

I like it but am going to have to give up on it. They don' have a solution regardless of what they tell you.

Haherty Silver Polish {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you are also having this problem Hugh.

There's nothing more frustrating than having a good product ruined by lousy packaging.

More ideas and suggestions for unclogging the sprayer have come in since you originally wrote, so perhaps check the comments for new things to try to fix the problem.

I'd love to hear from other people who've used this product or any others from this brand, sharing how it has worked for you. You can share your review here or read other reviews, including of other brands as well.

Silver polish reviews

Hagerty silver polish spray reviews, including complaints that the aerosol can clogs, and tips for unclogging it {on Stain Removal 101} #SilverPolish #HagertySilverPolish #PolishingSilveruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Hagerty Aerosol Spray Polish Has Terrible Spray Nozzle

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I agree, it won't spray
by: Anonymous

This is a terrible problem. I'm finished with the product. Once I did have receipts and they sent me a new can. Too much of a problem though.

Does not work
by: Lynne Bridge

I bought a new can of Hagertys to clean the silver on my saddle. The spray nozzle won't work. Just gave me a couple of spurts then nothing. I need this silver polished now! I used to use the kind that came in a tube it worked so good. Our saddle supply only had this aerosol type of cleaner. I have heard of many others who have had this same experience with this brand.

Great product but sprayer issue
by: Anonymous

The Hagerty spray silver cleaner works better than any silver polish I have ever used. The thing I did not like is only a third of the can could be used because it quit spraying. I did not know you could soak it in water. I tried everything I could think of at the time. I am going to try it again but if the sprayer quits and I can't get it working then I will never order it again.

Worked great then stopped
by: Anonymous

I also have the problem with the spray cans. I have 2, one made it a little over half way after cleaning the nozzle several times but I have another that hardly worked at all. It is almost full and will not spray. I will not buy this product again. It was great when it worked because it gets into the little crevices nicely. I may try the pump though.

cloged spray
by: Anonymous

I couldn't wait to try the Hagerty spray version as I "grew up" with Hagerty as the go to silver polish cleaner. However after following the directions and shaking for 60+ seconds and spraying 4 fish knives the nozzle clogged. Tried everything from blowing on the nozzle, warm water etc. Nothing worked. I even tried other nozzles from other spray cans - nothing.

I'll try the suggestion of soaking the entire can in warm water.

how I fixed the clogging problem
by: Anonymous

I, too, have used this product for many years and was experiencing the same problem with the spray nozzle clogging.

The owner of the jewelry store where I bought it solved the problem with this method:

Shake the can well for 1 minute before using. After spraying on surface for use, then TURN THE CAN UPSIDE DOWN and give a short spray. It works!

I use it weekly when I dust silver items that are out. Simply spray some on a clean cloth (I hold the cloth upright and spray the upright can directly at the cloth). After putting a decent amount of spray on the cloth, I then turn the can over and give it one quick spray to prevent future clogging. I do this every time I spray the polish. If it happens to clog (which is seldom), a quick rinse under water has always works with this method.

the company's suggestions to stop clogging worked
by: Alain

Problem With Sprayer: After several sprays from can they always seem to stop working. I always shake the can prior to trying to spray with it and I never know which can (of three I have) might spray for me. Frustrated I called the company and suggested that I rinse the spray tips in warm water, and if that didn't work the submerge the whole can in warm, not hot, water for several minutes. This seems to work in clearing up the stoppages for me. I love the polish it works really well for me when It will spray.

Pump bottle also clogs
by: Eric

I've used the pump bottle. Never tried the aerosol. It also clogs after a while. I'm still looking for a solution for keeping this nozzle clear.

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