Goo Be Gone With Goo Gone - It's For All Kinds Of Sticky Messes

Goo Be Gone is actually not a product, but that is what many people think "Goo Gone" is really named. Below I've gathered reviews and uses of this adhesive remover from readers who've shared how they use it in their home. First up is Sarah.

Sarah says:

Anytime I have a sticky situation that turns into a disaster where I need to get a sticker or adhesive off of an important surface such as hardwood floors, clothes, carpet, or walls, I always use the same product -- Goo Gone, and it works magic.

I have stepped in gum in a parking lot in hot weather where the gum was already stringy and gooey. Then I accidentally got it on my carpet at home. Goo Gone was the product I used and it came up with ease.

My dog has stepped on gum as well and it was also tracked onto my carpet. Some of the gum as even stuck in the fur between the pads of the dog's feet. I whipped out the Goo Gone for the carpet and that worked just as the time before. Then I used it on my dog's feet and amazingly it worked just as well on her feet.

This product dissolves the gum and takes away the adhesive properties of the gum, making it easy to wipe up.

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In addition, this is the only product I use to get out sticky adhesives from anything. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to get something sticky off anything.

The price is very reasonable for what the product does and it only takes a small drop to accomplish the task. Therefore, a bottle of can last for years.

I also use it to take UPC and price tags off dishes with ease before you wash them preventing that paper left on the side of the bowl, for example.

It's very easy to find in stores and I found it
in the cleaning supply aisle at my local grocery.

My only complaint is that I used it once on a painted wall where I had attached mirrors using adhesive. When the mirrors were taken down I thought Goo Gone was the way to go. It did take the left over adhesive off the wall but my white wall had greasy or shiny marks where I had wiped with it, so it looks like someone made swirls on my wall. That's the only problem I've had with it though.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you've used Goo Be Gone to clean up various areas of your home.

I will caution everyone that before you use this product on upholstery or carpet read this article on the pros and cons of using Goo Gone for removing gum from carpet. Basically, the con is that since it is an oil-based solvent it can leave a greasy spot on your carpet if you're not careful.

Similarly, Sarah I would say you saw a similar problem when you used the product on your painted wall. Basically, it leaves behind a bit of an oily residue sometimes. I don't know how long ago you used the product for cleaning your walls, but it may help to wipe the wall with a solution of soapy water (lightly, since you don't want to get the wall too wet), which may remove some of the oily residue left by the product.

Below are even more stories from readers of how they've used Goo Gone in and around their homes for cleaning up all kinds of sticky messes.

If you've got a favorite adhesive remover I would love to hear about yours too. You can share your adhesive removal products reviews here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

In addition, I'm always looking for even more uses for Goo Gone around your home. You can share your uses here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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Goo Gone For Sticker Removal

by Diane

Diane has also shared how this product is her go to resource for sticker removal.

Diane says:

I've used Goo Gone many times and love it! It easily removes even the toughest glues from surfaces. I've used it all around the house; to take the sticky stuff from price tags off, the stickers that come on new windows and once to take forty year old bumper stickers off an old metal ice chest (I repurpose vintage items) with absolutely no problem.

I was able to scrape off even the ancient stickers and was left with a spot free surface. It's very easy to use, simply apply and wipe or peel the gunk off.

Older, tougher jobs may require a heavier application and waiting a few seconds for it to penetrate the old adhesive, but it does the job.

It does have a bit of a strong smell, so be sure to use it where you have some ventilation, but I've found it very useful around my home. For my money, this is definitely the best product out there!

Taylor says:

Thanks Diane for sharing your uses for this versatile product.

Below I've collected even more uses from other readers.

Photo by creativedc

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How I Got Wads Of Gum Off Bottom Of Tables

by Ellia

Ellia was the lowest employee on the totem pole, so she was stuck with one of the yuckiest jobs. Here's how she used Goo Gone to clean it up fast.

Ellia says:

I recently started working at a fast food restaurant. Because I’m the new gal I was stuck with the task of cleaning the gum off the bottom of the tables. At first I was very annoyed about the job and hesitant to do it. However it was my job so I sucked it up.

Turned out it was not that bad. I used Goo Gone to help me get the gum off. It came in an easy to use spray bottle.

It did have a slight chemical scent, but since I was working in a semi-large room the scent was not overwhelming at all. The gum came off with surprising ease and the project actually took much less time and effort than originally thought.

After that day I looked into buying some for myself to use at home, since the kids can make big sticky messes sometimes. I went to Meijer and found it there easily. Ever since then I use it on tough or sticky projects I have. Overall I was very pleased with this product.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you removed the gum from underneath the tables Ellia.

I know some people also use a scraper and other gum removal equipment for this task.

The picture I added to this tip is obviously not gum stuck under a table, but it is basically the same principle. There is apparently an alley, known as Chewing Gum Alley somewhere in California where people have put big wads of gum on the walls of the building. As you can see, quite a bit has accumulated by now. Gross huh?

Photo by emdot

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Got Magnet Marks Off Refrigerator With Goo Gone

by Melissa

Melissa shared how she removed magnet marks from her refrigerator on the site's Facebook wall, and she graciously let me share it with you here.

Melissa says:

I just used Goo Gone on my black refrigerator door yesterday.

My toddler had slid her toy magnets all over the door and it left tracks that looked like scratches. It worked amazingly well.

What I thought were scratches have disappeared and the oily residue from the product left the door bright and shiny. HTH!

Taylor says:

That's a great tip Melissa! Thanks so much for sharing it.

I would guess this would work on white or light refrigerators too, where I've noticed those toy magnets can make quite a mess.

Has anyone else had success using this method? Or do you have another way to remove these black looking streaks from your refrigerator door? If so, share your cleaning tips here.

Photo by peregrineblue

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Removing Sticker Glue Residue With Goo Gone Spray

by MJ

MJ has shared how she uses this product for removing sticker glue residue at work, and for other sticky messes.

MJ says:

I work in a pharmacy and the counters always get sticky from spilled medications and such, but just a little squirt from the Goo Be Gone and they're good as new.

We also use scissors to cut the pharmacy labels and the glue from the labels makes the scissors stick together. Just a couple drops on the scissor blades and the scissors cut like brand new again.

Taylor says:

Thanks MJ for sharing how you use this product at work.

As you can see I've gathered up lots of uses for this versatile product. It does really work well, as I can also attest from my own personal experience using it (see my article on gum stain removal).

I'm curious though, how do you use Goo Gone in your home? You can share your uses here, and I will feature them on the site!

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Photo by James Bowe

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Comments for Removing Sticker Glue Residue With Goo Gone Spray

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Ruined table
by: Anonymous

I'm so upset! Used Goo Gone to remove price tag residue from antique chinoiserie table and it left shiny greasy circles where I applied it. Ruined the table. As a last effort I'm going to wipe the entire table top with Goo Gone so it will be entirely shiny! So disappointed.

stainless steel question
by: Anonymous

Some Goo Gone dripped onto my stainless steel sink when I was removing a price tag from an item. I did not see the drips at that time and didn't notice them for at least a day. They had dried by then and now I can't get them out. I've tried baking soda one time and dish detergent another. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Can't get rid of oily residue from Goo Gone
by: Anonymous

I used Goo Gone which removed the glue residue from masking tape on my windows, but it left an oily mess! I've used Windex and vinegar and water and nothing works. What can I do?

response re getting rid of greasiness from product
by: Taylor

To get rid of greasiness it's important to use something that can cut grease, a simple example of which is soap. Use a small amount of dish soap and water to wash your window with, and it should help cut the grease.

get the spray bottle version
by: Anonymous

Get the kind in the spray bottle. Spray on stain, rub in and wash.

got on our unfinished wood floor - how to remove?
by: Nancy

Help! Goo Gone got on our unfinished wood floor and now the sealer will not take in those areas. Any ideas how to clean this area so the sealer takes?

will it remove tar?
by: Susan

Can I use Goo Gone for tar removal on my husband's shirt?

Smeared back windshield
by: Dana

I removed a sticker off of my back windshield. Now there is a smear that I can't get rid of from the goo gone. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!! :)

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