Simple & Chemical Free Drain Unclogger: Zip It Drain Cleaning Tool

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Here's a simple and cheap drain unclogger that I personally believe every home should have, if you've got even one person in your household with long hair. And the best part, it's chemical free!

We all know what long hair does in a drain. Gets it all clogged up and soon you're standing in a small pool of water as you shower, or the water takes forever to drain from the bathtub.

There are many ways to remove clogs from your drain, both chemical and manually.

Now that I've tried the Zip It Drain Cleaning Tool (click the link to go to Amazon to purchase it), I would always suggest this as the first step in your process of unclogging your bathtub or shower drain. Often times, it can be your only step, actually.

These Zip Its are a really long, thin, flexible piece of plastic, with a handle, that has these little grabber "teeth" on it that you can thread into a clogged or slow drain and yank out some nasty stuff.

It works so much better than a bent wire hanger for this purpose. The little teeth snag all the gross hair and other things, and pull it right out.

Zip It drain cleaning toolZip It Drain Cleaning Tool (Click here to purchase on Amazon}
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Be prepared, what you pull from that drain will be gross. Completely nasty. But better to yank it out of there then have it continue clogging your drain! And you can do it without harsh chemicals that you might be concerned would hurt your pipes.

The manufacturers of this product call it disposable. And it could be, from the perspective of it's cheap, so if it totally grosses you out to have to clean it up after you've used it to unclog your drain you could just throw the whole thing away.

But honestly, you don't have to. If you can stomach the clean up you can use one of these little unclogger strips over and over. If you've got lots of long haired family members I'd suggest one for every bathroom!

Plus, this product can save you from having to call a costly plumber. No need for a plumber to come snake your drain when you can use this to get down far enough in the drain to pull it out yourself!

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I shared this quick review on the Facebook page recently and LOTS of people chimed in to agree with my recommendation for this product. Below I've gathered some of those recommendations to hear from others how they used it.

If you've used it, make sure to tell me how it worked for you in the comments!

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Readers Agree The Zip It Works Really Well!

Simple and chemical free drain unclogger that really works, and which is perfect for removing hair clogs {review on Stain Removal 101} #BathroomCleaning #CleaningEquipment #CleaningTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Like I said above, on the Facebook page for Household Management 101 (a sister site of this one) I posted a similar review to this one, before I realized how popular this product was and that I should create a page about it. Here's a link to that review.

Here's a few of the comments I received when I posted about this product:

Michelle says: "There are six long haired ladies in our house and we use these ALL the time! They are excellent!!!"

Trisha says: "This tool is AMAZING!! Truly a cant-live-without product. . . . But be prepared to be grossed out by all the slime you'll dig out! Have a trash bag with you. Then use a natural drain cleaner afterwards to keep pipes clean and clear."

Ann Marie says: "I've been using a similar one for about 2 years. It's awesome. I have long hair and always clogging up the bathroom sink drain. The soapy hairball I pull out of the drain, really gross, but way better than dumping chemicals down the drain."

Patti says: "We use it regularly. Three girls with long hair can clog a drain fast! It is definitely worth the few dollars."

Pam says: "Used for years! Wonderful and you can reuse them until they wear out, even though they say single use."

Carol says: "I have one of these. I forget where I bought mine, but I've used the same one for a couple of years now. I just take a wipe to it, and the hair and gunk come right off."

Holly says: "Yup.....guy at Lowes told me about it when I was asking for industrial strength drain cleaner because we have 3 girls in the house. I don't know how I lived without it before!"

If you've used this product and want to tell me how it's worked for you I'd love to hear. You can tell me more in the comments below.

In addition, I'd love to hear even more of your drain cleaning tips, so make sure to submit them here or read others submitted already!

Drain Unclogger {Referral Links}

Simple and chemical free drain unclogger that really works, and which is perfect for removing hair clogs {review on Stain Removal 101} #BathroomCleaning #CleaningEquipment #CleaningTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Readers Agree The Zip It Works Really Well!

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Zip-it greatest thing ever, so easy to use
by: Carol Rugghia

I work at Lowe's, they sell them. I have been using one for years. Best thing ever. Soon as my tub drain starts to slow I get my zip-it out, and it works every time. Make sure when you do need to use it that you have a little water running, I tried it once when the tub was dry and it wouldn't pull any hair out.

these are terrific, but one-use since they're gross
by: Lynn

These drain cleaners are terrific. They are $1 at Walmart. This a product you will throw away. You can not clean it - nor will you want to!

zip it
by: Anonymous

Walmart carries them.

by: April F

I've been using these for years and they're amazing. The stuff I pull out is seriously disgusting but it's great to be able to do it myself instead of paying someone to snake the pipes.

We love it
by: Amy Rodgers

We've been using this for years. I have long thick hair. When our shower drain is slow drain we zip it in and sometimes it looks like we pulled out a wer dead rat. ha!

I highly recommend it and it doesn't cost much money.

by: Anonymous

How long is it???

fabulous device
by: Carole

My husband brought this amazing little device home about a month ago. I used it in our bathtub drain and pulled out a clump of hair the size of a small mouse. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Very good product
by: Alfonso

I recommend this item. I have used mine for 3 years although it is disposable. Kind of gross to clean it but no problem. Just be careful: those little barbs can hurt you if you are not careful.

better than my crochet hook
by: Anonymous

I used my zip it after I used a crochet hook. Would have been faster using the Zip Tool first.

The Zip does work but prevention is even better
by: SK

Yes, the Zip works great but we do daily prevention with a hair catcher on the shower/tub drain.

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