Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds Review Plus Four Uses

by Brianna C.

Brianna shared this review of Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds, plus provided four uses for this eco-friendly cleaner in your home.

Brianna says:

Sal Suds is an ultra concentrated all purpose detergent, that is all natural, fair trade, and smells fantastic!

I have used it for dish washing, all purpose spray, laundry detergent, and as a scrub mixed with borax in the bathroom

Dish Washing:

It worked very well on a sink of greasy dishes. It is made with pine oil and so it smelled so good while I was washing.

It kept its bubbles through out the entire process, and helped clean a porcelain crockpot insert with burned on cheese easily.

All purpose spray:

I used 2Tbs to a gallon of hot water, which I poured into spray bottles to make an all purpose spray.

(Don't go with the "more is better" approach, or you'll have waaaay to many bubbles!)

I use this daily to clean appliances, my son's highchair tray, countertops, touch up on floors, and windows.

It cleans effectively and removes stains from the light colored highchair tray.

When used to the proper dilution it doesn't leave streaks on glass or surfaces.


I've used this as a natural laundry detergent and it actually worked really, really well for my laundry!

It got the "boy" smell out of towels and sports clothes in one wash.

I currently am picking and choosing what loads I use it on, because it costs more per load than my usual detergent.

Scrub with Borax

After bed rest and a c-section my shower was looking...less than appealing.

I did a few shakes of borax on the floor and squirted full strength Sal Suds on it and scrubbed with a brush.

It worked well, but with the large amount of the Sal-Suds it took quite a bit of rinsing to get rid of all the bubbles. It did not leave a film once rinsed clear though.

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Taylor says:

Thanks so much Brianna for sharing this review plus sharing all these great uses and cleaning recipes!

If anyone else has good recipes you can share your homemade cleaners recipes here, or read others that have already been submitted.

Further, another product from Dr. Bronner's is their organic Castile soap, and I've got a couple of reviews of this product as well if anyone is interested.

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Sal Suds Is A True Cleaning Miracle

by Richard

Richard says:

Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds is excellent for dishes and household cleaning. You'll only need a little.

It's on the pricey side but I would endorse this product in any media without pay. I'm not being paid now for saying this.

Safe, non-toxic, powerful.

Good in soft or hard water. In my book, a true cleaning miracle.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Richard.

Has anyone else used this particular natural soap? If so, please share your reviews and uses here and I'll add them to the site!

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Comments for Sal Suds Is A True Cleaning Miracle

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Contains Sodium-Lauryl-Sulfate (SLS)
by: Anonymous

This product has SLS in it and that is poison! I thought all Dr. Bronner's products were natural and safe. I guess not :(

Is safe
by: Ann

Sal Suds contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate not to be confused with Sodium Laureth Sulfate which should be avoided. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate contains neither a nitrogen nor an amino group making it chemically impossible to be carcinogenic. Sal Suds is a wonderful and safe cleaner to use in your home!

Dish master
by: Anonymous

I have a dish master for washing dishes. It is a brush on hose that dispenses soap, along with water by pressing button. Has anyone put sal suds in the resevoir?

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