Ultra Dawn Hawaiian Pineapple Scented Dish Detergent Is Too Strong Smelling

by Ashley

Ashley has shared her opinions about one of the newer fragrances of Dawn dish soap, Hawaiian Pineapple. ***Update: This scent appeared to be discontinued, but I recently saw it back in stores again, perhaps because so many people clamored for its return.***

Ashley says:

After many years of using different dish detergents I decided to try Dawn dish soap in the Hawaiian Pineapple Scent.

I tried it because I had a coupon, and with an in-store sale, the 10.3 FL OZ bottle was free. I figured how different could it be?

The first time I squirted it into a sponge I was taken aback by the strong sweet scent. It was so strong and sweet that I winced and began rinsing out my sponge.

Realizing I needed to use this dish soap I began hand washing my dishes, quickly, more quickly than I normal do. This task, that I normally find relaxing, was something I wanted to finish, if no other reason than to get away from the smell.

It lathered up like any other dish soap I’d used before. It cleaned my dishes relatively well, with the exception of the greasy pots. For those, the soap just didn’t get them clean enough to suit me. Therefore, I opted to put those in the dish washer. Otherwise the soap was fine, except for the smell.

I would most likely
purchase Dawn again, especially with a good price, as long as I have a coupon, but this time in unscented.

Taylor says:

Thanks Ashley for your review of this scent. I don't think I've even seen it in stores, but I'm not sure.

This scent is apparently part of Dawn's "Destinations" scents, which seems to be relatively new. I would be interested to hear from other readers who have tried Dawn dish soap in any of these exotic scents, to say whether you like them or not. There are some people who love variety and interesting scents, and those who like the tried and true, or something less powerful.

It is interesting that you mentioned you would only by this product again in an unscented version. I looked, and at this time I don't believe they have an unscented version. Instead, even the Dawn Pure Essentials line, which is advertised as hypoallergenic, has scents. That seems incredible (in a bad way) to me, since I always advocate for an unscented version of just about every cleaning product.

Has anyone found an unscented product that they like? I know several brands have them available, with the one first coming to mind being Seventh Generation free and clear natural dish liquid.

You can share your dishwashing soap review here to tell me about what product you use to clean your dishes, pots and pans, and why.

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Oh No, This Isn't Too Strong, It's Amazing!

by Heather

I loooooove the Hawaiian Pineapple scented Dawn dishwashing liquid!

I, unlike Ashley, love its amazing smell and it actually makes me WANT to wash dishes!

And trust me, I have a litter of wee ones, so there's ALWAYS a buttload of dishes to wash!

I also find that it cleans everything well & cuts grease just fine.

I pray that Dawn never discontinues this scent! For surely if they do, I shall wither away and dishwashing will severely suffer within my humble abode. Becoming nothing more than a lost art... somewhat of an urban legend if you will.

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I LOVE This Scent! Sad It's Been Discontinued

by SR101 Reader

I purchased a bottle of this scent the first time I saw it and have been trying to find it again!

I love pineapple and have been washing everything under the sun just to be able to enjoy the scent!

Just today I went to four stores trying to figure out where I bought the bottle.

This pineapple scent is by far the most pleasant yummy detergent I have purchased and do not like any of the others out there.

Dawn: Please bring it back!!!!!! I will be writing to the manufacturer to voice my disappointment.

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Bad Mistake To Discontinue This Scent

by Bev

I liked it very, very much!

I did not think it was too strong, just pleasant - but them I'm older so my sense of smell may not be so acute as some.

However, I still had a better sense of smell than most people - husband included, so I dunno . . .

I had almost used up my bottle and went to purchase another - but alas, it was GONE!

I had just noticed it the week before thinking, oh good, they have it at Walmart because no one else has it.

I should have gotten it then - it is NO MORE!!

I sure hope they will reconsider and make it available again.

Seems like every time we find something we like, it get's discontinued!! Life didn't used to be like this . . .

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Update: Saw This Back On Store Shelves In December 2013!

by Taylor

No one had seen this product for so long, and it was no longer mentioned on the official website for this brand that everyone assumed (including me!) that the product had been discontinued.

Well, to my surprise when I was at Walmart recently (December 11th, 2013 to be exact) I saw this scent on my store's shelves. I snapped a picture to show everyone (see above).

Perhaps everyone's clamoring brought it back. We shall see!

Have you seen it back on store shelves again in your area?

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Reader Comments About Pineapple Scented Dawn Soap

Once I got the review from Ashley above I got quite a few comments from other readers discussing this scent of Dawn dish soap, which appears to have now been discontinued.

Here are the comments, which I've compiled into this submission.

BlueEyes says:

I love the pineapple scented dish liquid. It smells wonderful. I always use Dawn dish liquid.

Donna Cunningham asks:

I like the original scent but not any others until this scent was introduced. Now I can not find it on any of the three grocery store shelves in my town. Was it taken off the market? I sure hope not!!!!

Taylor's response to Donna:

Donna, I actually just saw this scent the other day in my Walmart, in the small bottles, that are almost trial size.

Therefore, as far as I know they do still make it.

Unfortunately, I haven't found any great sources for purchasing it online though.

Does anyone else have any resources to suggest for buying this scent online?

***Update: Since writing this, this scent has disappeared from the Dawn website, and there is no mention of it, plus I haven't seen it in my stores in quite a while either. This leads me to believe it is now discontinued. ***End Update

SR101 Reader says:

My Mom & I love the scent of Hawaiian Pineapple dish detergent. The problem is we can't find it now.

Please do not discontinue it. Can you tell me where we can find it?

Lynne from Pennsylvania says:

I loved it, but I too, cannot find it in the local supermarkets. I hope Dawn has not discontinued it.

Taylor says:

Don't you just hate it when you really begin to like a product and then the manufacturer takes it off the market?

Well, that is what apparently happened to this scent.

If anyone knows where you can still snag some of the bottles for sale, please tell me about it. Otherwise, if you've found another pineapple scented dish soap you enjoy that might take its place tell me about that too, for those who'd like to try something similar.

You can share your dishwashing soap reviews here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted to hopefully find another brand or variety that you can enjoy as much as this now discontinued version.

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Comments for Reader Comments About Pineapple Scented Dawn Soap

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I liked it too
by: Heidi

Out of all the "specially scented" Dawn dishwashing liquids I only liked the pineapple scented one. I cannot stand the smell of the lavender and Mediterranean ones. They annoy me. At least there is always regular and lemon scented Dawn to fall back on. But it is annoying when they make something that ya like, and then...poof...it's gone.

Request for return
by: Diane

I love the dawn thai dragon and hawaiian pineapple. Please bring them back.

good substitute
by: Michele

Gain's Honey Hula Berry is a good substitute, since they did indeed discontinue the Dawn Pineapple (that I too loved) I'm not crazy about Gain in general, but I have to say I'm really liking this blue formula a.k.a Honey Hula Berry dish soap!

miss these scents
by: Diane

I really miss the Hawaiian pineapple dawn. It was amazing. Also the dragon Thai dawn. I love both of these and am asking you to please make them again. I really enjoy the smells.

wish they'd bring it back, I loved the scent
by: Elizabeth Amaya

I was lucky to purchase the pineapple Dawn just once some time last year (2022) ever since then I've looked for it in every store that I can think might have it without knowing that it has been discontinued till now. I really don't understand why. It's not in the store shelves cause when I bought it I was amazed and very impressed with the scent. It was simply awesome and it cleaned my dishes well, like all of the Dawn products do. I'm still hoping to walk in Walmart or Walgreens or even Home Depot, and to my surprise it will be there on the shelves again. Please bring it back.

Soap stone carving
by: Anonymous

This pineapple soap is the best for cleaning soap stone. Please bring it back or tell me where I can get old stock.

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