Dawn Direct Foam Review: Didn't Last As Long As I'd Wish

by Taylor

I've been using Dawn Direct Foam dishwashing liquid for the last week or so to clean all my dishes.

This product comes in a very thin liquid, the consistency of water instead of the normal thicker soap you're most likely used to.

When you're ready to wash your dishes with it you pump some of the soap onto a sponge, and when it comes out it goes through a special nozzle within the pump which causes it to foam up (thus the name "foam"!)

It is advertised that you can wash an entire sink full of dirty dishes with one pump. Specifically the advertisement says, "with just one pump applied to your damp sponge, wash dishes until they’re done."

Therefore, the little bottle says "190 pumps" are included within the bottle, so presumably you could wash 190 sinks full of dishes with this little amount of soap.

The thing is, I personally need to use a lot more than one pump full to wash all my dishes. I think it may have something to do with my need to see lots of suds though, so this little container will not last me for 190 sinks full of dishes.

I'm going to try to reign myself in though, since if I keep using 3-4 pumps each time I wash dishes this stuff will get extremely expensive to wash my dishes with!

smelly sponge syndrome
It does clean really well though, including of greasy pots and pans, just as you would expect any variety of Dawn dish
to do.

However, I have noticed since I've been using it that I myself am beginning to suffer from smelly sponge syndrome.

Readers have been complaining to me for years about how Dawn can cause smelly sponges and dishrags but I've been trying so many brands of dishwashing liquid for reviews for this site, I haven't used Dawn in years, at least regularly. Now I totally see what everyone is talking about!

Now, when I pick up my sponges I get a nasty smell, kind of mildewy on them, and it transfers to my hands and stays there for quite a while. Yuck.

I, like other readers, have tried all kinds of things to get rid of this smell such as drying out my sponges, running them through the dishwasher, microwaving them and otherwise trying to get my sponges clean but to no avail!

I will also note for those who are interested to try this foaming dish soap that if you run out and want to use another bottle, don't throw the bottle away! You've got to have the foaming dispenser for the soap to foam up properly, so instead keep your bottle and buy the refills and dispense those into your foaming dispenser!

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I would love to hear from even more people who've used this product, sharing how it worked for you, good or bad. You can share your reviews of dish soap here or read lots of other reviews of different varieties and brands that have already been submitted.

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Leaves A Bad Taste & Smell - But I Like To Reuse The Bottle

by Jilibean

Jillibean says:

I like Dawn, however the strong scent and taste left behind by the direct form does not sit well with my baby. He refuses to drink from a bottle that I have washed using this soap.

And I even tried putting the nipple in my mouth and I must agree that it leaves a nasty taste behind no matter how much you rinse it.

But don't throw out the bottle! I love using the foam soap but the strong taste/smell and higher price of Dawn is a bummer.

how to make foaming soap
Another downside is you can't use regular dish soap in the foam pump. It just comes out in globs.

However, you can get the same foamy action by filling the bottle with half of your favorite cheaper, regular dish soap and half water. Gently roll the bottle around to mix the water and soap and enjoy foamy goodness!

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review. I agree, reusing the dispensers is a great idea. Much cheaper than buying one from the store.

Here's my simple recipe to make foaming soap.

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Make Your Own Foaming Dish Soap Using The Bottle Plus Regular Dawn

by Charla D.

I save the foaming bottle and get regular Dawn dish soap.

I put in 1/4 to 1/2 regular Dawn dish soap in the foaming bottle, fill to the line with HOT WATER, shake or flip the bottle once to blend, and you have foam soap.

I prefer the regular Dawn, as you seem to get more suds, instead of the foaming soap.

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I Love Dawn Direct Foam For Hand Washing Dishes

by Dee

I've been using Dawn Direct Foam for several years for hand washing dishes and I love it! It cuts out the grease extremely well and does do several dishes with only one pump.

I do not suffer "stinky sponge syndrome" ever, but tend to change my dishcloth and sponge very often because of bacteria.

I do buy the refills and have only purchased a few of the pump bottles over the years because of them not working properly from extended use. I love this product!

Taylor says:

Glad you like this product so much Dee.

So, has anyone else used this product and want to tell me your experiences with it. You can share your dish soap reviews here for this or any other brand, and I'll add them to the site.

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Comments for I Love Dawn Direct Foam For Hand Washing Dishes

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many of us use too much soap
by: Brooke

What most of us have a problem with is using too much soap. The way they make soap nowadays is that it is extremely concentrated. I usually keep my soap bottle and separate the replacement bottle into the second bottle, then fill the rest of the way with water. You still get the soapy cleaning power of soap at half the cost. It is so important to make sure to not use too much because after a while you do get a residue build up in all types of plastic ware. Now that they add hand softeners and scents that while it is nice to have they can linger because plastic is a porous material.

If anything I would use vinegar and baking soda in the babies bottles because of the use of soap. The abrasive quality of the baking soda will help remove any and all residue then rinse with a warm mixture of vinegar and water. Yes there will be some foaming action but your bottles and nipples will be clean and sanitized.

Once you have done this just use a baking soda and vinegar combo on your baby bottles. If you're really concerned about the bacteria after that boil them for 5 mins. Or I like to soak all my reusable straws and camel sip bottle covers in peroxide. That kills and removes all bacteria.

When I finish my dishes I put them in a dish and soak them in vinegar. I am also a big fan of Dawn Detergent and use it all the time.

I've been using this for years!
by: RuthyRanch

I love this stuff! It's perfect for when you only have a few pots or pans to wash. (My dishes go in the dishwasher.) I have no "smelly sponge" problems either. I just remember to squeeze my sponge out thoroughly and stand it upright after each use.

How I make my own instead of buying more refills
by: Anonymous

I have not noticed a smell with mine, but I realized that I have never bough the foam but one time. I bought a large Blue Dawn, full strength, to refill the foam bottle. 1/2 Dawn and 1/2 water, a gentle shake and I have foam soap.

Can stretch it
by: Andi

I use an old hand soap container that squirts soap out when you hold your hand under it. Dawn is so concentrated I put maybe 1/4 container with Dawn and the rest with water. Turn it over a few times to mix it. Then there's your hand soap. Works for us. I use the same little machine to use full strength Dawn to wash dishes with a brush or sponge or whatever one chooses to use when hand washing dishes.

Thin liquid
by: Ken Barris

The new soap doesn't last as long on the sponge. Needs more squirts to clean the dishes. Also it's very thin liquid. Not happy with the new version. Will be looking for a new product.

smelly dish cloths after using
by: Anonymous

Noticed smelly dish cloths after using product. Even threw 2 in the garbage. Will try soaking in vinegar water. Hope it works. Love Dawn otherwise!

Direct foam was worst stink offender for me
by: LW

I had used Dawn Direct Foam years ago when they first introduced this product. It made my sponges stink so badly after an hour after use, even with a new sponge! I tried other Dawn products and got the same smell but not nearly as pungent as the foam. I have never used this product again.

Also dawn stinky sponge syndrome
by: Anonymous

We too suffer from stinky sponges. Has anybody tweeted this to the manufacturer to see if they have any response?

Love this stuff!
by: Anonymous

I bought this many years ago when they first offered it. I was single and rarely had a sink full of dishes to wash. I was very glad to see it return because I had finally used my almost decade old bottle. I would say that it contains at least 190 pumps and I usually only used part of a pump. I tend to put it on a brush and scrub a pan so I haven't experienced smelly sponge syndrome with my recently purchased bottle.

Stinky sponges due to Dawn soap
by: Anonymous

I never put two and two together about the reason my sponges stink immediatelty even after their first use. It's because of Dawn. I always thought it was something in the sponges that made them smell like roach spray, so I threw it out and bought a new sponge, however once I put dawn soap dish detergent on it and water it began to stink and produce a strong roach spray like odor. It's something in Dawn ingredients causing this. I will never by Dawn again.

The Direct Foam smell is easy to get rid of
by: Stanley Graham

For all who love the cleaning and degreasing action of Dawn Direct Foam, but dislike the lingering odor, just pre-rinse each item (after you’ve washed it with Dawn) with a small amount of the cheapest dish soap you can find and then rinse as usual and poof! That smell is gone. This two-step method works equally well on skin I find. Enjoy!

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