Clorox Toilet Wand Review: Comparing Old & New Version Of Disinfecting Refill Heads

The Clorox toilet wand system is a basically a disposable toilet brush.

To use this product you must first get a starter kit which contains the wand and a certain number of cleaning heads, which are basically little scrubbing discs with toilet cleaner in them.

When you run out of cleaning heads you must buy refills. Each cleaning head is meant to be used only once.

To use it, you click a new toilet cleaning disc onto the wand, dip it in the toilet water to get it wet, and then scrub your toilet bowl. Then, you let it sit for 10 minutes which will disinfect your toilet bowl, and then you flush the toilet.

You CANNOT flush the cleaning head in the toilet, but must instead throw it away in the trash. Fortunately, the wand has a blue release button on it to drop the now dirty disposable disc in the trash, so you don't have to touch it.

If you are squicked out by touching and reusing a toilet brush over and over, this may be the type of product for you.

Of course, if you use it you'll have to frequently buy refills.

Ali Julia shared several pictures comparing the new and old versions of these refill discs, and surprise, surprise, the old version is better than the new version, at least in her opinion.

Here's the pictures comparing both versions:

comparison of old and new versions of Clorox toilet wand disinfecting refills

She said of all three pictures: "The scrub pad on the left is the new (smaller less effective) pad, and the scrub pad on the right is the old model (bigger, better scrubbing material)."

Has anyone else used this product and want to share how it has worked for you? You can share your toilet brush review here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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A similar product that I've received a lot of reviews for is Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Max if you're interested in checking out a couple of types of these disposable toilet brushes.

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Clorox Toilet Wand Refills Have Gotten Thinner!

by Beth A.

Beth says:

I used to love the Clorox Toilet Wand, but when the refills got thinner I liked them less.

My latest episode is that I bought the refill heads when I had a coupon on sale.

Now they split apart on me while cleaning in the toilet! I don't want them to go down the drain.

I am so disappointed and I say shame on Clorox. Don't buy them!

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Beth.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used this product telling me what you think, good or bad. You can submit your review here and I'll add it to the page.

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Comments for Clorox Toilet Wand Refills Have Gotten Thinner!

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Stained my floor
by: Anonymous

I use the Clorox wand toilet bowl cleaners I had some of the blue cleaner get on my vinyl floor and stain it. I can not get the blue color off the floor.

happy with it
by: Anonymous

I use the Clorox Toilet Wand and I'm happy with it or as happy as I can be with any toilet cleaning. It works. The refills are thinner and I've had no problems with them falling apart. When they get wet they puff up a bit and do the job.

I buy them on Amazon, 30 at a time, and they come in a clorox box. They are also a great deal.

"new" toilet wand refills are crap
by: Anonymous

I used the Clorox toilet wand product for years and years very happily, but the new refills are completely unacceptable. They rip off of their little plastic base easily and it's also very easy for them to come off of the wand unexpectedly and end up on their way to the septic system. I have now twice had to roll my sleeves up and retrieve one -- once I was successful and the second time I was not and it will hopefully not cause a back-up.

Clorox wand Refills fall apart
by: Anonymous

The new version of the Clorox wand refills are awful. Within the first minute of using them they fall apart, not just mine, family member said same thing happened to them. What once was a fantastic product is now junk. Thanks Clorox. Will not buy again.

Wand refills falling apart
by: Pat

So as with everything else the consumer has to deal with higher prices and crap products. I just opened the third box of toilet wand refills and they fall apart as soon as they get wet. What is the deal?????

falling apart
by: Anonymous

My husband complained about Clorox toilet wands falling apart and I thought maybe he was using too much pressure. Well he was right, they fall apart with very little pressure. I am done with them. It’s back to the toilet brush.

Clorox should be ashamed
by: Anonymous

I agree that the quality is horrible. We’ve been using them for years and now they fall apart with one swish. Is Clorox going to pay for the clogged toilets??

Refills suck
by: Cb

Is the company even seeing these comments? Have the damn CEO clean a toilet. Maybe then they will see how the quality has gone to the shits! Get with it and soon!!

They are a joke!
by: Anonymous

Why did Clorox dumb down their wand refills? They don’t even last 5 seconds and they split apart in the toilet! I’m done with them!

by: Anonymous

The original Clorox toilet wand refill pads used to work wonderfully and I could clean all six of my toilets with one pad. Now the pads fall apart within seconds of cleaning the first toilet. I suppose they are made in China. Shame on Clorox for subjecting consumers to such an inferior product. Please offer us the original refill pads and stop stiffing us with worthless junk.

will now switch brands
by: Pam

I have used the Toiletwands for years and loved them. However, the last box of refills I bought are crap! (I would never let my children say "crap" so that's how strong I feel about this!) They dissolve almost the minute they hit the water! Will not buy again!!! Need to switch brands.

refills thin and fall apart immediately
by: Anonymous

I have been using these refills for years and have always been happy with them. But lately I notice that they are thinner and fall apart immediately upon touching the water. Going to try another brand and see if their quality is any better.

So disappointing
by: Anonymous

Why would Clorox change a product that I liked and recommended to friends and family? When my son bought a house I took him a wand with refills. While showing him how it worked, it fell apart. I thought there was something in his toilet water but, no, it fell apart when I used it at home. I’ll be looking for a new product.

Something Has Changed
by: Jim D,

Something has changed in the manufacture of the Clorox want refills. Over the last six months we've had nothing but issues with the cleaning sponge delaminating from the plastic carrier. In the past, we were able to use the same pad to clean several toilets. Now, it delaminates within a minute and hangs by a few "threads/strands". This has happened with wand refills purchased from different stores in California and now, North Carolina. It used to be a good product but we will not longer purchase refills until the problem is fixed. We cannot be the only one's experiencing this issue!!!

by: CaringConsumer

What the heck with the scrubber pads disintegrating now?? I thought I had gotten a bad batch and actually bought more. Same damn thing. Every single one has fallen apart the second it hits the water. Disgusted that Clorox would sacrifice quality over profit margin.

This IS NOT the product I used before!!
by: Anonymous

I used these years ago. I just started back recently as I have a grandson going to college, and I thought it would be easier for him. OMG what a disappointment!! I had to apologize to him. They disintegrate in the water!!! What crap they have turned into!!! This IS NOT the product I used before!! I don’t know what this crap is now but it needs to change!! I certainly will never buy it again!!

Toilet wand falls apart
by: Anonymous

Product refill pads unacceptable. I've stopped using due to pads falling off plastic. It's like the adhesive dissolves when it hits the water.

Completely dissatisfied!
by: Anonymous

Garbage garbage garbage! They would clean great if the damn things stayed on the holder... they fall apart as soon as they hit the water! Literally! I had to fish it out of the toilet, and didn't even get to scrub at all! Garbage!

it's all about profit
by: Anonymous

The new pads are a complete fail. And it's clear why Clorox did this: the old ones could be used multiple times, if you put the whole wand in a plastic bag and stood it in the corner. The new ones aren't even good for a single vigorous cleaning — they're likely to come off and clog your toilet. Clorox took a reasonably good product and made it worthless, by trying to force people to buy it more often.

by: Anonymous

Apparently they have changed the wand pads. Now, as soon as I start cleaning the toilet bowl the pads break apart and come off the wand. Useless!

Toilet wand problems
by: Molly

These used to be great! I could clean 2 toilets with one cleaner! Now I can’t clean one without it falling apart!

Very disappointed!

The refills break
by: Dave

The refills, as soon as they touch water, fall apart. Then, rather than scrubbing the toilet bowl you are more busy trying to not lose the pad in the toilet bowl and having to fish it out by hand. Horrible design and product nothing more than spray on 4x the only reason I bought the wand was to avoid touching the pad that touched the toilet bowl, this bad design makes me touch it every time since it breaks and falls into the bowl in first five seconds.

Wands aren’t the same
by: Anonymous

These wands used to be great, now they fall apart. What’s happened?

had to buy an actual toilet brush
by: Dennis

I have used this product for several years. Love it. The last refill I got Clorox brand. Fall apart after one second of cleaning. Had to go by a toilet brush to clean toilet.

ruined a good product!
by: cbenish

I loved these when they first came out but now they fall apart as soon as they get wet. I do not get value for my money! Please go back to the way they were. You ruined a good product!

new refills are awful
by: Anonymous

I used this product for years and was very happy with it. However, the new refills are awful. They begin to fall apart, as soon as you start using them. I am currently looking for something better to replace them with.

quality is not there anymore
by: Donna

The refills are not the same as they were. They fall apart as soon as I start to use it and sometimes it falls in the toilet. The quality is not there anymore.

the new ones suck
by: Carol

The new ones suck. They fall apart as soon as they hit the water. The 1st box I got worked great but this box is defective and I want my money back!!

not happy!
by: Joan

I have been so disappointed with the toilet wand refills. They actually start falling apart as soon as I start cleaning the toilet. When I first started using these, the discs were sturdy, cleaned well, and made the job easier. Now I guess I’ll have to go back to using my old toilet bowl brush and Comet cleanser. Not happy!!

refill heads fall apart
by: Gloria Cabeen

These refills were once very good and very convenient. However, since Covid, the refill heads fall apart almost as soon as I wet them.

I've tried to contact Clorox but don't think my communication went through. They make it difficult; want you to set up an account with a password! Are they kidding? I will probably not buy their products again. I've had much better success when expressing a concern about a product with Scrubbing Bubbles and other companies.

useless for a complete scrubbing job
by: Claudia

Not only are the newer refills thinner and lack a good scrubbing surface, the scrubber pulls away from the plastic disc it's mounted on, rendering it useless for a complete scrubbing job. I don't know if this is a defect or just the nature of the new style. I'm going to be looking for an alternate solution.

not buying this product again
by: Becky

I'm done using this product. Contacted the company with a complaint on how they fall apart as soon as you start to scrub the bowl and they wanted a list of numerous things such as my receipt, price, upc code and where and when so I'm doing me and the company a favor and not buying this product again!

So disappointed
by: Lindw

I’ve seen a big difference the past few months with the refills. As soon as you hit water they fall apart. I’ve used this system for many years. So upset the quality has fallen so. Looking for a replacement system ASAP. So disappointed.

race to clean toilet before it falls apart, and I lose
by: Dawn Duffy

I've used the Clorox toilet wand for years and have loved it, until they changed the refill scrubbers. Now, every time I begin to clean the toilet bowl they fall apart, almost immediately after becoming wet. It becomes a race to see if I can finish cleaning the bowl before the thin scrubber completely detaches from the plastic disc that attaches it to the wand, I always lose. I'm so disappointed. I've purchased the new refills a few times now, hoping I've gotten bad batches, but I'm afraid that they've all been the same. I'm going to have to find another product unless they can fix the problem. 🙁

flimsy refills, but still use it
by: John Wildman

I have used the clorox disposable toilet cleaning wand since it first came out and even though the cleaning head has drastically changed, I still use it. The newest version is very flimsy compared to the original. It falls apart if used too aggressively. But it's still better than a brush sitting by the toilet in a holder.

Going back to Lysol and the toilet brush
by: Michelle

Years ago this product was amazing and refills were much thicker. The refills now are thin and the plastic separates, causing the scrubber to fall in the toilet. They are not flushable which means I need to take it out of the toilet!

Going back to Lysol and the toilet brush.

product needs to have a more sturdy refill head
by: Rebecca Miller

Well, I have to say I purchased this product from Lowe's and was excited to use it. However the refill connectors keep breaking off into the toilet wand. I've already broke three just cleaning my toilet. I have to use pliers to get it out! The product needs to have a more sturdy refill head.

very disappointed
by: Patrice

I thought this looked like a great idea because of its one-time use and no gross brush with germs left. However, I found it to be a horrible product. I wrote to Clorox and got my money back for the $30 initial kit. It worked ok, but left a blue stain all over my toilet, that 2 months later is still there, on and around the plastic screws where the seat attaches. I’m going to try to find something more environmentally responsible with no color. Pleased to get a refund with no hassle, but otherwise very disappointed.

What happened to this product?
by: Linda Cotroneo

My usual store has not had the refills for quite some time. I finally found them after searching through four stores and they were marked down 50% off. What a mistake. All the foam heads break apart and separate into two pieces. What a mess, and I was afraid it would clog the toilet. What happened to this product? It’s terrible!

will not be buying these again
by: Jann

I will not be buying these again. After years of using them successfully the new version falls apart as soon as you put them in the water. They don't scrub at all, unless I use it by hand.

Don’t waste your money
by: Cathy

They obviously changed the product as they now expand when they hit the water and then fall apart as you attempt to scrub with them. Terrible product and nope not buying them again. Don’t waste your money.

very unhappy with the new refills
by: Beverly

I’m very unhappy with the new refills. They fall apart two seconds after they hit the water. I will not be purchasing them again.

ended up ruining a great product
by: Anonymous

I use to love the scrubber pad on the Clorox wand, but now they are horrible. Halfway through scrubbing the toilet they start falling apart. If Clorox doesn’t fix this problem I will no longer waste my money on this product. Obviously they were trying to cut corners and ended up ruining a great product!

refills are a piece of junk
by: June

I’ve been using these for years and always thought they were a good system. Now the refills are a piece of junk. They fall apart before finishing one toilet. I had to put my hand in dirty water to avoid flushing part of the pad down. What happened to the refill pads we all knew and loved?

feel like the Clorox company should address this
by: Shirley

I also got refills that fall apart the minute they go into the toilet bowl water. Used to love them but this is discouraging. I can't get refunded for my purchase and feel like the Clorox company should address this!!

they use to be so great
by: Nancy

When I first started using them several years ago they were great. The little discs were strong and never fell off the end of the wand. Now every time I use one it falls off and I have to retrieve it from the toilet. So disappointing as they use to be so great!

don’t know what happened to these
by: Anonymous

I don’t know what happened to these. I used to love them. Now they fall apart as soon as you put them in the water. I so won't be buying any more.

very cheaply made
by: Heather

I am very disappointed in these. Every time I use one I can’t get my toilet all the way clean because I am scared it is going to go down the drain. Very cheaply made and I will not be purchasing anymore.

had to fish it out with my hands
by: Kelly Miller

I used to love these and could clean two toilets with just one. Now after just a few seconds of scrubbing it separates and falls apart, to the point that I have had to fish it out with my hands to throw away 😳. Why Clorox?

switched to the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wand
by: Chris

I used this product for years and was very pleased with it. However, the last refills I bought were very thin and fell apart the minute they got wet. I emailed the company, some time ago but received no response. I have switched to the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wand (referral link) and am pleased with the quality.

used to be great, not so much anymore
by: Anonymous

They used to be great, not so much anymore. They fall apart as soon as they hit the water. Won't buy again.

these are worse than useless
by: Chris Favero

These are worse than useless. They are actually a health hazard! The instant that you put it in water, it starts to disintegrate. You can't even clean the bowl before it completely falls off of the wand. NOW YOU HAVE TO FISH IT OUT BY HAND! I had to use tongs to retrieve it! Of course, I had to throw the tongs away after fishing out a bacteria encrusted toilet head. The entire purpose of these disposable heads is that you never have to touch the dirty head. I am so angry. I am out the cost of the heads plus a new set of tongs.

pad falls apart
by: Anonymous

As soon as you put the pad into the water within the toilet bowl it falls apart. How crazy is that?

Shameful newer cleaning pads
by: Anonymous

Yes, love, love, loved the original pads. Now they're so bad there’s no point in buying. They’re useless. What a shame to go down so badly. Who’s brilliant idea was that. :-(

refills fall apart
by: Greg Pattyn

The latest box of refills falls apart within a minute of starting to clean. The original was great but these are useless. I need to find a competing product.

new refills are terrible
by: Linda

I used to love this product, but the new refills are terrible. I used to clean all 3 of our toilets with one pad, but the new refills fall apart after the first one!!!

go back to the way the product used to be
by: Judith Nicastro

I agree with the previous review. These used to be such a great product. I loved them, but the last two times I have bought the refills they leave a lot to be desired. I know they were way better made and now they are awful. I really am afraid the head is going to go down the toilet.

Clorox should issue refunds and then go back to the way the product used to be!!

by: Concerned Consumer

Someone gave me a new ToiletWand and refills. The first few times I used them worked great. When I opened to new box of refills they are falling apart as soon as they touch the water as others have said. I don't need anymore septic problems so no more for me. The company HAS TO KNOW this is happening. Like one person said have the CEO try to use them and see what happens. Do they not have quality control?Clorox in general makes great products but this is a fail. Get better.

Blue ring in toilet
by: Anonymous

I've had the same problem. I can't get rid of the blue ring and I've bleached it, done everything. How do I get rid of it?

Cannot recommend this product
by: Anonymous

The Clorox wand refills fall apart within 20 - 30 seconds of cleaning the toilet bowl even when trying to be VERY gentle with scrubbing the toilet bowl. I do NOT recommend this product. Unless, you enjoy reaching into the toilet to retrieve the cleaner pad. The concept is great- but I can see I am not the only one with this issue.

The new pads fall apart
by: Anonymous

I have used the Clorox toilet pads since it’s inception and know the difference from the old to the new pads. I just used another new pad and after one toilet swish around the toilet bowl the pad started shredding. They give you less pads than the first economy package of refill pads. So disappointed.

new pads fall apart and fall off of the wand
by: CC

I have used this product for years. I've always thought it was great. The new pads however fall apart almost immediately and fall off of the wand which means you have to fish them out of the toilet and you haven't even had a chance to clean the toilet with them.

they all fall apart
by: Sheila

I used these in the past and loved them but now the minute you put them in the toilet the pad falls apart. I thought maybe I had a bad batch but nope they all fall apart. Will be buying something else.

used to be great, now refills make it bad
by: Diana

I love the Clorox toilet one system. It is highly convenient. But the thing is it used to work so great and now the new pads that you buy as refills are really thin and when scrubbing the pad peels apart. In some cases completely - so then you have to dig it out of the toilet as you can't flush them.

It's really too bad so many products start out as such great quality and then once the company ropes in millions of people they change the quality to substandard to up their profits.

Pads come apart as soon as they get wet
by: Anonymous

Used to like these pads but now they are no good.

refills are not good
by: Mary

Initially loved this product. Now, with the last several boxes of refills the refill head falls off almost immediately upon contact with the water. Having trouble finding refills lately so wondering if maybe Clorox is aware of the problem and pulled them from the shelves? I hate to go back to the old unsanitary bowl brush but I have a septic system and hate that these can get stuck (which one did) and clog the drain.

These are CRAP - Pun Intended
by: Anonymous

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I thought maybe I bought a few bad boxes of these. Every time I open a new package I hope they will be the "old" version that used to be thick and work well. These fall apart almost as soon as they hit the water. If you aren’t quick enough to retrieve it with the wand you have to fish is out. YUCK! Do better, Clorox! Maybe your execs should try using these on the company toilets before sending them out to consumers!! I’m off to find another product.

Terrible product
by: Loretta

I used the toilet wand but I hate that the scrubber releases from the head. I don’t like retrieving them from the toilet. I want the old ones that stay on.

by: Mike

The new style is much thinner and come apart half way through the scrubbing. Totally worthless.

come apart
by: Vicki Colburn

As soon as I put it in the toilet they come apart. They never used to.

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