Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent Tropical Burst Scent Caused Allergic Reaction

by Chris
(Sarasota, Florida)

Chris shared his experience Arm & Hammer Tropical Burst laundry detergent with me.

Chris says:

I broke out in hives today and I have had this problem before.

I asked my wife and sure enough she had just changed to Tropical Burst. We'll have to go back to the scent free detergent again!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about your experience Chris.

If you and your wife would like to continue using Arm & Hammer detergent, they actually have several scent and dye free versions. You can read reviews of the Arm & Hammer free detergents here.

In addition, if your wife likes scent the company has also recently come out with a scent added "sensitive skin" formula that may also work for you. However, I'm not sure if it would or not, since some scents cause allergic reactions, so you'd just have to try it and see.

***Update: I got a short comment from another reader, Carol from Water Valley, Mississippi, who also had an experience with this detergent brand, although she didn't share exactly what scent she used. She stated, "It broke out my son severely."

There is an additional review below from another reader who also had allergy problems from this detergent.***

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Arm & Hammer Tropical Burst Laundry Detergent Makes Me Have Itchy Spots

by Ashley

Ashley says:

Arm and Hammer Tropical Burst scented detergent, in regular liquid form, cleans clothes very well, and also smells amazing after clothes are washed, which I love.

However, I have been suspecting for a while that I may have all of a sudden become more sensitive to detergents within that past 2 years.

My bumps are so random and I thought maybe it was something else because I sometimes get them on my face out of no where, but they will usually disappear within a half an hour to a few hours.

But I constantly have itchiness on my forearms with new bumps pretty much daily and the scars to prove it =(

The last detergent I used was Xtra liquid, not sure which scent, and things did seem to get a little worse.

But, after switching to the Arm and Hammer things have gotten even worse. Now I get extremely itchy spots that do not disappear right away. My boyfriend has also gotten it as well.

We both had reactions on our feet and ankles from our socks, and I have a few on my hips, chest, sides of my back, and one annoying one on the side of my hand.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience Ashley, although sorry to hear it was not a positive one.

You're actually not the first person who has shared with me that the Tropical Burst scented version of this detergent has caused them to have an allergic reaction (see the review above).

Based on the fact that you seem to be having reactions to lots of different versions of scented detergents I would suggest trying a hypoallergenic version instead. I've compiled an entire list you can look at of available products, at the link.

A low-cost version I personally like, and that many other people also have found success with, is All free and clear (click the link to read reviews). Make sure, if you try it, not to get the Oxi version which many people are also reporting gives them allergic reactions, but the regular version.

I would love to hear from even more people who've used this scent of detergent, sharing whether you like it, or it has caused you allergic reactions too.

You can share your reviews here for this scent, or any other variety from Arm & Hammer. In addition, you can read reviews of other scents and types of this detergent already submitted, as well.

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Comments for Arm & Hammer Tropical Burst Laundry Detergent Makes Me Have Itchy Spots

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another allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

My five year old is having an allergic reaction to Arm & Hammer right now as well! Really bad rash/hives.

This broke me out
by: Ashley

I had never used this detergent before (tropical burst scent) and bought 2 the other day because they were on sale at Winn Dixie. Big Mistake! For the past week I have been suffering from dry, itchy skin that turned into small hives on my legs and arms. At first I thought my legs were full of bug bites. So this freaked me out bc I've only been inside the house since it's winter. So I've been cleaning everything and using anti itch cream and moisturizer. Then I remembered the laundry detergent. That's the only change I've made recently that could have caused it. I usually use Tide without any issues, but when I was younger I was allergic to certain laundry detergents. This scent must be the issue for me. I'll find out soon enough anyway. I'm currently washing my clothes again in All Free and Clear and doing an extra rinse. Hopefully this helps, fingers crossed!

by: Anonymous

Thank you to those who shared their review and experience with this product. This gives me a peace of mind to finally figure out that it isn't bed bugs or dust mites as my wife and I thought for the past week. We turned the house upside down with dusting and cleaning and washing. Now it just sucks because I just washed our clothes and bedding with this detergent and will now have to do it again with my old favorite Purex. I started itching again on my arms and back, again thinking they were dust mites, but came to think it looked more like a rash and the detergent came to mind. Come to find out others like yourselves have experienced the same thing with the same product. Lesson learned is don't send your wife to buy detergent because she'll get what's cheapest rather than the product you asked for which was Purex (which is actually cheap as well). Arm&Hammer you suck.

Also broke out in hives with this product
by: Anonymous

I usually use the dye and fragrance free A&H but this one was on sale. So I got it and I have been breaking out in hives each day since using it. Didn’t correlate it until today. Will have to switch back over.

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