Arm And Hammer Clean Shower Review - Saves My Back From Aching

by Ginny
(Key West, FL)

Ginny has shared her Arm and Hammer Clean Shower review.

Ginny says:

I never used a "shower cleaner" in my life until a few years ago, when I became a senior citizen and partially disabled.

Until then I scrubbed my fiberglass shower walls and tub with Comet and a sponge, which became problematic as I aged and was diagnosed with spinal problems.

A friend suggested I use a shower cleaner, and I began noticing them on television commercials. You know, the ones touting "no scrubbing, no problem."

So I looked for one in my local supermarket and was rather surprised at the high prices being asked for them.

Eventually I found one that was under $3. I bought the Arm and Hammer Clean Shower daily shower cleaner, fresh clean scent.

Following the instructions, I cleaned my fiberglass shower and tub thoroughly, took a shower and then sprayed the shower cleaner on the wet walls and tub.

The scent was indeed "fresh," and I didn’t find it medicinal or offensive. Each day I sprayed the cleaner on the wet walls and tub after showering and, after about two weeks, the walls and tub were still clean, with no soap scum or marks on them.

I was happily surprised and so was my bad back!

Now I only have to scrub the shower between long intervals, so long that I can’t tell you how many weeks can go by without a thorough scrubbing being needed. It sure has made my life easier.

Taylor says:

Thanks Ginny for your Arm and Hammer Clean Shower review. I'm glad you found a cleaning product that works well and doesn't cause your back to ache from the scrubbing.

I notice you said you had to clean your shower thoroughly before you started using it. Does that mean that it works well to maintain a clean shower, but not to clean a dirty one?

If anyone else has used this product I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue not only with this daily shower cleaner, but daily shower cleaners in general.

You can share your shower cleaners reviews here, telling me your thoughts about this or any other issue about shower cleaners, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

Further, here are tips for how to clean fiberglass that have already been submitted, and I'd love it if you'd share your own tips as well.

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This Caused Etching Of My Glass Shower Doors

by Jim Ferrell
(Windsor, CA)

Jim says:

I had very nice floor to ceiling glass panels for my shower. Now I can barely see out them due to using Clean Shower.

The cleaner etched my glass so bad I have to replace all the glass. Thanks Arm and Hammer.

Taylor says:

I'm very sorry to hear that Jim.

I had not heard that about this brand before, but I do know quite a few readers have reported similar problems with Tilex Fresh Shower causing etching of glass.

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Clean Shower Lives Up To Its Name!

by Diane

Diane says:

I rarely take the time to review a product, however, when a product actually does what it's supposed to do, I'm amazed!

Arm & Hammer Clean Shower is one of those products that lives up to its name!

This cleaner keeps my shower sparkling clean and smelling fresh all week!

When I actually clean the shower, I find almost no soap scum! . . . Really saves my back!

Thank you, Arm & Hammer for an excellent product...don't know what I would do without it!

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used this product, sharing what you think about it. You can share your shower cleaner review here, for this or any other product you use to clean this area of your home.

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Comments for Clean Shower Lives Up To Its Name!

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Clean Shower Is Not A Cleaner, It Is a Treatment That Prevents Buildups
by: Anonymous

This product does not actually work as a cleanser, so you wouldn't use it that way. It works by adding something to the surface (when sprayed on after a shower while the surfaces are still wet) that prevents/retards the normal build-ups from occurring. That's why you have to start with a clean shower and still clean it with other cleansers once in a while, just not as often as if you didn't use it.

Cleans also
by: InkByte

I noticed one of the posters mentioned following the instructions of cleaning the shower first, before using Clean Shower. I also cleaned the shower, but still had a fair amount of visible soap scum and hard water deposits. After only three days of using Clean Shower, the visible scum and deposits are noticeably reduced. So to answer the question of the one poster, yes, you want to start with as clean of a shower as possible, but Clean Shower helps to not only keep it clean, but remove buildup.

when used daily it works really well
by: GinnyF

I've been using Arm and Hammer's Clean Shower daily since I saw Willard Scott mention it on the Today Show at least 20 years ago! I've only had to lightly clean my shower about once each year since then. It is excellent to maintain a clean shower when used daily. Just a few light sprays on the shower walls after each shower. No need to wipe down the walls afterward--just spray it on and leave it. It doesn't leave any residue or soap scum buildup. It has a very light pleasant odor. I highly recommend this product!!

etched my glass shower panels
by: Doug

I have used this product for several years and now find that it has etched my glass shower panels! There is no warning on the label.

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