Arm and Hammer Clean Burst Scent Detergent Caused Allergies

by Lori

Lori shared her experience with the Arm and Hammer Clean Burst scent of this detergent.

Lori says:

I had a reaction to this detergent but didn't realize it for awhile.

I was getting extremely itchy in my neck and chest area and then noticed I had red welts all over.

I have switched back to my old detergent which is Purex but it is scented. I will have to see if I have any more reactions.

I purchased the Arm and Hammer because of the price. It was very economical but now I have to ask myself why.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with this detergent Lori. You're right, that this brand is very inexpensive, but so is Purex. I personally find the one that is cheaper is which one is on sale, especially when combining with coupons.

Who knows why this brand caused an allergic reaction for you, but things just impact people differently sometimes. I'm glad you've found a brand that works well for you, without causing allergic reactions.

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Clean Burst Scent Not Irritating To My Daughter's Skin

by Gail
(Waterford, CT)

I have been using this scent for years, in the liquid variety.

The clothes always smell good and they are nice and clean.

One of my kids has very sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I use on laundry.

The free and clear detergents never really seemed to clean all that well and the rest of the family complained that their clothes did not smell good with these detergents.

This scent does not irritate my daughter's skin at all! Clothes are clean and smell great! A perfect world!

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Switched To This From Tide After Discovering Allergies

by SR101 Reader

I developed an unfortunate allergy to the Tide detergent I had been using before.

So I tried Tide Free and Gentle which worked pretty well for me, but it was still sort of expensive and it didn't get the smell out as well.

I was given a big jug of the Arm and Hammer scent free version and had the same problem but worse.

FORTUNATELY, I decided to experiment a bit and added a little bit of the this clean scented version to my loads, until I was using it straight without having any adverse reactions.

It's definitely not for everyone, as the other reviews will attest, but if you can afford to experiment a little, this detergent may turn out to be ok for you.

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Love My Laundry Detergent!

by Pam
(Newnan, Ga)

I've always used Arm & Hammer products. I love the A&H Clean Burst liquid for regular machines.

I've used this since it hit the market. I'm not allergy prone, per se, but I do have sensitive skin.

I've never had issues with it, nor has my step-daughter who does suffer from detergent allergies.

My clothes smell clean and fresh and stains disappear.

I noticed that my clothes look newer, longer which is a benefit.

I recommend this detergent.

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This Scent Caused Rash Over Back And Chest

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I would not recommend this detergent to anyone.

It caused a severe rash on my husband's back and chest, waist - any part of his body that his clothes washed in it and his skin touched.

He bought the detergent because it was on sale, and unfortunately didn't keep the receipt. I'm tempted to take it back anyway and demand the $8.00 he paid for it back.

This rash has lasted for 5 days now, and we have had to wash everything over again to avoid the rash.

This should not even be on the market!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that, rashes and hives from laundry detergent allergies are no fun.

It is interesting that some people have had allergies from this particular scent, and others not. I'd love to hear from others what they think of it, not only for allergies, but also for how it cleans their clothes.

You can share your review here.

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Comments for This Scent Caused Rash Over Back And Chest

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by: Rick

We purchased A&H fresh scent. I didn't notice the fresh scent since I've been dealing with itching and hives since. We used it for maybe two weeks until we figured it out. This stuff is deadly. It will cause you to almost go out of your mind. Itch and scratch,and hives everywhere. Maybe for Christmas,every manager at that company should be given a gallon to try. I have been taking medicine at night to take the itch away. I'm rewashing everything,and to the trash the remainder goes. If your using this with no reaction,your very lucky. For me,I'm done with A&H laundry products.

Awful reaction
by: Mary

I also did the same thing, I bought Arm and Hammer. A day or two later, I broke out from my butt to my toes. In big round marks all over. I ended up down in the Emergency Department. I had my self tore up from scratching. When the doctor saw the marks and redness, she told me, I was having an allergic reaction to something I was using. I mentioned Arm and Harmmer and she said it's probably be that, because they have had a lot of people who come in with the same thing and they use Arm and Hammer too.

Using for years
by: Anonymous

Been using this detergent for years. I love it. Clothes come out clean, smell good, and I even have sensitive skin.

Forced me to doctor
by: Anonymous

I bought clean burst scented arm and hammer and had a horrible allergic reaction. I felt like I had pollen thrown in my face with sneezing sometimes ten times in a row and watery itchy eyes and wheezing so bad I had to see a doc.

rash-like welts all over
by: Sandy

I just purchased Arm and Hammer Clean Burst since it was on sale. After washing my sheets I woke up with rash-like welts all over. I did go to the doctor for treatment. I used other Arm and Hammer detergents before, however for some reason this Clean Burst gave me trouble. Now I'll purchase detergent at the health food store in my area. This reaction was a first for me, and it really scared me. Hope this helps others as previous comments really helped me!

keeps my whites white
by: Kaylie

I started using this for my white clothes only, just like my grandmother has for over 20 years. That being said I only use this on whites and it seems to keep them whiter longer with no yellowing. Also I used nothing else but the detergent.

causes hives!
by: Anonymous

Yes this stuff causes hives. I didn't know where I was getting them from. I broke out at my girlfriends house after she washed a blanket in it. We were watching a movie and I felt like I got attacked by a million mosquitos. Months later she gave me a an old T shirt that I left and I broke out in hives again. That's how I figured it out. It happened immediately after I put my shirt on. I did a google search and found that I'm not the only one. In fact a lot of people experienced this. Bottomline, I get it, this stuff is light on the wallet. Do yourself a favor and by Gain. I don't wish that itch on my worst enemy.

by: Anonymous

I thought I would save a few bucks and switch from Tide to Arm & Hammer Clean Burst. What a mistake! I have been covered in hives since and my face and lips have swollen up so bad I had to get steroid shots. I will never use these products again! POISON!!!

Allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I am a 40 year old male with sensitive skin and sensitive nervous system. I used this A and H detergent and became very ill. Finally, my doctor diagnosed the problem as due to Arm and Hammer detergent. I have switched to a safer detergent and do not recommend A and H for anyone who is sensitive.

even free and clear causes me allergic reactions
by: Tee

Happened to me, except even their free and clear leaves me with hives. Guessing maybe the baking soda in them.

Severe Allergic Reaction
by: Anonymous

This new Arm & Hammer, Clean Burst did a real number on my skin. It was frightening. Broke out in a severe rash all over. Changed detergent and am now healing, slowly. Sorry you lost a good customer.

Cheaper isn't always a bargain.
by: Anonymous

After using the second jug I had to go to the Doctor. Itching all over. Doctor said to throw the rest away and go back to Arm & Hammer powder. Although it didn't affect my wife. He called it contact dermatitis. Cheaper isn't always a bargain.

definitely the detergent
by: Anonymous

So glad i found this website!

Slept over at a friends house and woke up the next morning with bumps on my neck. The bumps spread down my neck, back, face, ears etc. My face and eyes were swollen as well.

Urgent care wanted to put me on multiple steroids and medications. Cortizone cream seemed to be making it worse. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me a medicated gel that helped over time.

It was confirmed that it was in fact the detergent because after the bumps went away I went back to the friends house to sleep over, and I woke up the next day with the same reaction, only this time much worse.

Clean meadow
by: Anonymous

I broke out and went NUTS!!!! Rashes on my back, my butt, arms, etc. I swore it was bugs . . . Nooooo, It's the detergent tearing me up. Did not trust it. I don't care how long it worked for you!!! Smells good but you'll pay dearly!!!

severe reaction
by: Anonymous

I don't know why but I seemed to have had a severe reaction to this detergent. Other than this detergent, nothing in my life changed, including my foods, and other soaps and shampoos. After using the Arm & Hammer clean burst scent detergent on all my clothing as well as the linen on my bed, that same nights in the middle of the night I could not stop scratching the entire night. When I woke up in the morning my body was covered in hives and welts. I ended up having to go to the ER where they put me on steroids. I'm wondering if other people have had are the reaction to this same detergent. I only bought it because it was a super great sale and figured I was being cost-effective. Oh well

Terrible rash! ? Clean burst
by: Michelle

I have a terrible rash on my face, neck, arms & trunk that’s continued to spread & worsen over 2-3 months. A friend asked me today if I’d changed anything. It hit me that I bought A&H Clean Burst detergent a few months ago when it was "buy 1 get 2" (should’ve been a red flag, right!?). I have sensitive skin & known allergies to some additives but 1st looked up ingredients online & thought I’d be fine. I just googled the A&H & came across your posts-I immediately bought my old stuff & am re-washing everything! I’m praying this is the cause because the rash is all I can think about as it feels like bugs crawling on my skin!!! I swear if it is I’m petitioning to get it off the market!! No one should suffer like this. Will keep you updated after I get this stuff out of my system. Fingers crossed!

Definitely the detergent!!!
by: Michelle

Well it’s been 5 days now since I rewashed everything I own including towels and sheets in Tide Free after using Arm and Hammer Clean Burst for nearly 3 months. Guess what? The terrible rash that kept spreading and getting worse is now gone!!! I’m so thankful a friend at work prompted me to remember I had changed to this detergent months prior. I was miserable!. It started on my neck then face, progressing to my arms, chest, and belly. It was even on my ears! (I figure it was the sheets and towels causing that!!). I will never touch the stuff again! It doesn’t even have the 2 ingredients I’m technically allergic to and yet I still broke out. Anyone with sensitive skin should get rid of this poison ASAP!!

Never had a detergent allergy before using this stuff
by: Anonymous

In 65 years, I've never had an allergic reaction to a detergent. After using just one Arm and Hammer "Clean Burst" scented pod for one load, the clothes from that load made me itch within minutes of putting them on. I put on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt and socks. In no time, I started having random and persistent itching anywhere the clothes made contact, including my face, ears and neck which I had done nothing more than pull the crew neck sweatshirt over. I wore the clothes for about a half an hour and said no more, pulling them off and changing into others that had been washed in my usual Arm and Hammer Clean Burst scented liquid which I've used for a long time now with no problems whatsoever. I believe that something in the (to me) strong, noxious and chemical-smelling "Fresh Burst" scent must be the culprit. I used only 1 pod out of the 97 in the Fresh Burst pods package. I promptly made the decision to throw the remaining 96 in the garbage!

Horrible intense itch
by: Anonymous

I could not figure out why I have had this intense itchy skin for weeks. The itch started on my armpits and chest, and later spread every where. Glad I finally figured out it was this detergent.

Reaction to Arm and Hammer Clean Burst
by: Anonymous

I developed redness, rash and what I think are hives after using Arm and Hammer Clean Burst detergent. I am not usually allergic to anything. These symptoms are very uncomfortable and I have re-washed my bedding, towels and everything in my closet in my standard detergent (All Free and Clear). I had purchased Arm and Hammer to save some money but paid a big price in discomfort and the effort required to resolve these issues.

by: Zin Min

My wife bought this and used it on my clothes. I had an itch on my head at night. Then my neck. Then my hands. I went to sleep and woke up with a rash all over my entire body. Wrists. Forearms. Back. Legs. In the corners of my eyes. Then my feet were on fire! I took a shower to try and wash off any rash with soap. I took 2 Benadryl - 50 mg total. Nothing was working. t was getting worse.

I called my wife who works at a Dr. office. I did not think it was the laundry detergent. I went over immediately. I put on freshly washed socks, underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt. By the time I arrive 10 minutes later - my skin around my entire waist band was red and irritated. I began getting blisters and hives all over. My feet were swollen and my shoes were tight. My neck line where the collar of my shirt was - was irritated and red as well. My chest and back had large patches of red and blisters and hives and rash. My legs and calves. Essentially head to toe. I got a shot for methyl-prednisone. And an oral Rx for Prednisone. By the time I got home, I was having difficulty breathing and swallowing.

I am 47 years old and have been to the Dr. like 3X in my life. I have NEVER had a rash in 47 years!





Regretfully purchased this detergent
by: Charity Anderson

I purchased Arm & Hammer Detergent and I had a rash appear all over my body. The itching, burning, and hives immediately came up everywhere. The only thing I did differently was purchased this detergent, regretfully.

Asthma caused from chemical smell
by: Anonymous

Friend of mine did some laundry for me and used your Arm and Hammer detergent. I put it on my bed yesterday but I have a severe asthma problem and all night last night I couldn't sleep. I woke up a couple of times where I couldn't breathe and I wonder what is in Arm and Hammer that would cause this? The smell is horrible for me, it just reeks of what smells like chemicals to me.

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