How To Remove Chocolate Stain
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Got a tip for how to remove chocolate stain from all over the wall, clothing, carpet, upholstery or any other area of your home?

If so, share it below. You can also read tips already submitted instead, if you need some help yourself.

Stains are a fact of life, but fortunately other people have been in your shoes before.

This is your chance to share your success stories for removing these stains, or if you need help of your own, get some ideas for how to clean up your stain.

In addition, you can also reference my chocolate stain removal guide, which provides step by step instructions for this common stain problem.

Here are the tips submitted so far:

share your stain removal tip here
Share Your Tip Here
chocolate brownie
How To Get Set Stain Out Of Clothing
chocolate icing
Removing From Carpet With Laundry Detergent
chocolate raspberry torte
Tip For Washable Fabric

melted chocolate on cookie
How To Remove From Carpet
chocolate cupcake
Dark Versus Milk Varieties: Removing From Clothing
ice cream cone
Removing Ice Cream Naturally
carbona stain devil #2
Carbona Stain Devil #2

biz and oxiclean
BIZ & Oxiclean Presoak: Miracle!
tide to go pen
Tide To Go Pen
shout stain remover
Shout Got Out Hot Fudge From White Work Shirt
resolve triple action carpet cleaner
Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner

cheer free and gentle detergent
Cheer Free & Gentle Liquid Detergent
white bar soap
White Bar Soap To Pretreat Laundry
cream splash
Beat The Spot With Dairy
Folex carpet spot remover
Folex Carpet Spot Remover Worked Great!

Whink Wash Away laundry stain remover
Whink Wash Away Laundry Pretreater
Biz powder
BIZ Powder Is A Must!
vanilla ice cream cone
Taylor's Ice Cream Article
child stirring pudding
Taylor's Pudding Article

homemade yellowing stain removal recipe ingredients
Homemade Stain Removal Recipe
shout wipes
Shout Wipes On Upholstery
chocolate covered strawberries
Taylor's Guide & Instructions

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remove chocolate stain

It can happen to anyone. You get a little crazy with the mixer like this cute little girl and chocolate batter or pudding goes everywhere.

OK, so it isn't always little kids that make the mess. Everyone has the occasional chocolate mishap, and we all keep eating chocolate so . . . what did you do to cover up the scene of the crime?

What miracle chocolate stain remover or product, whether commercial or homemade, did you use to remove a stubborn chocolate stain?

I'd love to hear from you, so please share your own tips below.

How Have You Removed Chocolate Stains Around Your Home?

Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, most people do anyway.

But, I feel confident in saying that most people don't like the stains chocolate can leave behind.

Please submit your tips for how you removed those chocolate stains from your clothes, upholstery, carpet, walls, cars, or anywhere else to help us all enjoy our chocolate without fear of stains.

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A chocolate stain can be one of the toughest ones to remove, because it is what is called a "combination stain." There are many ingredients within …

How To Remove Chocolate Stains From Carpet 
Chocolate stains on my carpet don't make me smile, even though typically this food, itself, does. These stains are hard to remove, not only because …

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