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Hardwood Floor Scratches - How Reader Got Rid Of Them

by Marcia Stallcop
(Milaca, Mn)

Marcia shared with me how she got rid of hardwood floor scratches in her home, by refinishing her old and very damaged wood floors in one day with no sanding.

Marcia says:

1. We cleaned our 1930's wood floors with unleaded gasoline which evenly distributed stain onto deep scratches and made the floor almost scratchless.

2. We then mixed 1/4 cup of walnut oil with a gallon of Oil Based Pro Floor Polyurethane Semi-Gloss (Home Depot) and wiped on a very light coat with a clean rag.

3. Before the light coat could finish drying we put on a second coat of plain Oil Based Pro Floor Polyurethane Semi-Gloss (no walnut oil) using a fully saturated roller but allowing excess polyurethane to drip off the roller before applying (as to apply as little polyurethane as we could).

The result was a beautiful floor that is just breathtaking. And the floors we started with were very badly damaged and scratched.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing such detailed information about how you fixed your hardwood floor scratches Marcia.

Does anyone else have any tips for how they deal with scratches in their hardwood floors? Tell me in the comments below, or you can share your own do it yourself fixes and hints for around your home here.

Photo by andydr

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