Fix Furniture Scratches Naturally With A Walnut

Walnut Oil Is A Great Furniture Polish

Walnut Oil Is A Great Furniture Polish

Below is a video showing how to fix furniture scratches naturally with a walnut.

I love natural home remedies for your home, because they are cheap and non-toxic for the environment.

For natural furniture scratch repair just take the meat from a walnut (obviously not the shell itself), and rub it gently on the scratch in the wood.

The video instructs to first rub the walnut gently on the scratch in a circular motion, and then in an up and down motion.

Then, leave the oil that has rubbed out of the walnut onto the scratch for a little while, and then polish the wood and the scratch should be gone.

Why does this work? From the natural oils which are contained in the walnut.

That is why walnut oil is a favorite for making homemade furniture polishes.

In fact, walnut oil is also used as an ingredient in many commercial furniture polishes too, because it works so well!

See the video below for more details:

Do you make your own homemade furniture polish? If so, share your recipe for how to make furniture polish here, or read even more recipes already submitted.

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