Swash Get It Out - Stain Removal Pen Review

by Taylor

Swash Get It Out Pen

Swash Get It Out Pen

I am always looking for new stain removal products, and I recently came across an advertisement for the Swash Get It Out - Stain Removal Pen.

This is a new product that appears, at least at this time, to only be available through the Internet, and not through stores.
Basically, Swash is a pen that you can carry around in your purse, or keep in your desk drawer at work, or other places like that to use whenever you drip or spill food or drink on yourself.

It says it is "not a pretreater" but instead, that it just removes the stain so you can keep wearing the clothing that got the spill.

The key, of course, is that it has to be a "fresh" stain.

I read that to mean it does not work on set in stains, and you need to use other stain removal methods for those kind of stains besides Swash.

However, I think it could be quite handy if you have kids like me who get messy fast, or also like me, you are just prone to food and drink spills yourself.

It is safe for most colorfast fabrics, both machine washable and dry cleanable fabrics.

It contains a non-chlorine bleach within the pen to help remove the stains.

The stains it says it is best designed to remove include:These appear to be mainly tannin based stains.

On the other hand, it admits it is not good for either greasy stains, protein based stains (like blood and milk), nor for ink.

Tell me in the comments your experiences with this stain remover, or share your own laundry stain removers reviews here.

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