Surf Detergent Review - I've Used It For Over 14 Years

by Joan K. Baltz
(Covington, TN USA)

I have been using Surf Detergent, regular powder, in a variety of scents (my favorite is Morning Breeze) for over 14 years. I have used other types of detergents and they just don't seem to do the job like Surf.

My clothes come out spotless and I'm even able to use the laundry detergent as a spot cleaner. I make a paste, rub it in, let it set for a few minutes and toss it into the wash.

When I have switched to cheaper brands, they never had that clear, clean, and fresh scent like Surf. It lingers in your clothes even after drying them.

I have a confession to make, I tried taking out an ink stain and used Surf to do this. I even left it on the shirt overnight. I thought for sure the shirt would lose its color. I washed the shirt and the ink stain was still there, but to my surprise the fabric and coloring were unharmed.

Otherwise, Surf has taken out grass stains, a wine stain, and even a mysterious oily grease stain.

It leaves my whites and my darks looking very clean and fresh.

I have a grandson who is highly allergic to scented soaps and I accidentally washed his underwear with ours. Unknowingly, he put the underwear on and wore them that day. No rash appeared whatsoever.

Another trait of Surf detergent that I like is they don't add any phosphorous and it is biodegradable.

I never have had any problem with it caking on my clothes (since I use the powder) or leaving residue in my soap dispenser on my machine. All in all, it is a very good product.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your Surf detergent review with me.

It is always good to know what types of stains the detergent helps to remove, and those it does not. Frankly, I'm not surprised Surf didn't help remove the ink stain, since those are some of the most difficult stains to remove, and if the ink is oil based, as I suspect your stain was, it needs more than just detergent.

Does anyone else have a detergent that they've used for a long time, like Joan, that they want to review for me? If so, you can share what you believe is the best laundry detergent here, choosing whatever detergent you want to review.

You can also see more information and reviews of Surf laundry detergent here.

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I'm So Glad They're Bringing Surf Detergent Back, Plus In Liquid Form!

by SR101 Reader

I learn new stuff all the time, and this time it was from an SR101 reader, who alerted me to the fact that Surf detergent now comes in liquid, as well as powdered versions.

SR101 reader says:

I too used to use Surf for several years and then it virtually disappeared from the market for about a decade.

I was very disappointed because I used it all the time. The only product you could find was All with Surf in it. It wasn't the same though.

However, finally I see Surf is back and even available in liquid HE! I am so glad because now I will make the switch back permanently after years using of a rotating brand of the month laundry detergent. Surf is the best!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for alerting me to the news about this detergent.

In the past this was a powder only detergent, and I guessed the brand was on its way out, since you're right, they didn't do anything with it for a long time.

However, a new check of their website shows Sun Products Corporation plans to make a new push with this detergent brand, and has introduced several new scents and, you're right, two versions in liquid HE. I'll be updating the main Surf laundry detergent page with this information.

In addition, I would love to hear from even more people who have used this detergent, especially since the new fragrances and liquid version were added. In addition, tell me what stores you've seen it in. I have noticed it in Walmarticon (click link to see search results for Surf), but I would love to know of even more places you've seen it.

In addition, I haven't seen any pictures of the liquid version, so I would love for someone to send me one in please! :)

You can share your Surf reviews here.

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I Love This Stuff!

by Michael
(North Bergen, NJ )

Michael has shared his review of this detergent.

Michael says:

This detergent smells so, so good and it is so cheap.

It seems to work well on getting everyday stains out but I usually don't have very heavy stains.

There are always coupons.

My only complaint is that I can't find it in an HE version.

The smell also doesn't really stay in the clothes but that may be because when I used this detergent I was using it at a laundromat so I couldn't let the clothes soak for five or ten minutes.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Michael.

My understanding is that there are HE versions of Surf detergent available, but as far as I can tell it is only for the liquid versions, which are relatively new (see the review above for more details).

Hope that helps you find what you're looking for!

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Surf Is Good Enough!

by Ellie
(Annapolis, MD)

Ellie says:

I use Surf when my go to detergent, Gain, is not on sale and I have a coupon making SURF be on sale.

It does a good job of cleaning normal use laundry for over 60 with no children but I do not like the scent as much as Gain!

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I Don't Like Surf For Many Reasons

by SR101 Reader

I don't like this detergent because it doesn't rinse well, leaves deposits on clothes, and caused me a bad rash.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks.

It wasn't the greatest for cleaning, nor was it rinsing well out of the clothes, but instead it left soapy deposits.

But I figured I was going to use it up before buying something else.

After 2 weeks I developed a bad case of blistery and itchy contact dermatitis.

It took a couple of weeks of suffering to figure out it was from the detergent.

So, I rewashed all my clothes in the gentle detergent from the Whole Foods.

Beware, this is very harsh detergent, not for sensitive skin, especially babies and children.

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Reviews Of Surf Laundry Detergent From SR101 Facebook Fans

by SR101 Facebook Fans

When I shared this page about Surf detergent reviews on Stain Removal 101's Facebook page I got quite a few additional comments about this brand of detergent, and I wanted to gather them up here to save to help others thinking about whether to purchase this particular brand or not.

Here's what SR101's Facebook fans said about it (click here to see the original post):

Jennifer says:

We used it too. However, last summer on a trip out of town, I bought a box to do laundry before returning and brought what was left back home.

Our clothes were stiff and you could feel the soap still on the clothes. I finally threw it out. I use liquid Arm & Hammer and am pleased with it. I will not be changing again.

I should have stated that we have very hard water here. I am sure that makes a difference. I will never use a powder again.

Melissa says:

I've used Surf for years... I love that it's inexpensive and you get a really big box. It makes our clothes clean, smell good, feel good, and I've never had any issues with it... and I've used it with both city water and well water... that's my opinion.

Erin says:

I have used it for years. It's cheap, about $3 a box. It's nice and fresh with heaps of fragrances and the liquid is good too.

Taylor says:

Thanks to all the Facebook fans who shared their opinion about this detergent.

I'm always looking for more experiences and opinions about this laundry soap, or any other. You can share your laundry detergent review here, or read others that have already been submitted to find the best brand of detergent for you.

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Comments for Reviews Of Surf Laundry Detergent From SR101 Facebook Fans

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just as good as Tide
by: Connie

Surf. Cheaper than Tide. Just as good.

amazing if don't have sensitive skin
by: Tina

I've always used Cheer. My family has a lot of allergies and sensitive skin. If you don't have any issues Surf is amazing.

Surf HE availability
by: Anonymous

Love how it makes clothes smell fresh, do wish I could find it in High Efficiency. Have looked in all the store around here.

bring back this detergent
by: Anonymous

Surf is an outstanding washing power. It cleans and leaves clothes smelling very fresh. This detergent is the best and should never be taken off the market.

keeps clothes smelling good for weeks
by: Anonymous

This is the only detergent that I have found that keeps my clothes smelling good for weeks!!!! I don’t have to use scent beads or fabric softener sheets. It is amazing. I have an HE machine and I can’t find the liquid so I have just used the powder which isn’t compatible but it still worked fine. I truly love this detergent. But I can’t find it. Please bring more of it into the stores!!!

Surf Aloha Splash
by: Anonymous

I miss this detergent. I used to buy the Surf powder laundry detergent all the time for a few years. That was all I used. It washed clothes well. Got out the stains and didn’t take away softness. And most importantly made them smell good and clean. Never giving a foul smell regardless of what shape the clothes were in.

I have teenagers and people in the house who work out and their dirty clothes get cleaned and smell good. Where other detergents would mix with the odors and make all clothes have a bad smell. Plus we also have people who had allergies to certain detergents but not with Surf.

I really want to see the detergents back on the shelves. I am really wanting to go back to buying a very good detergent that wasn’t bad priced either. I hate not being able to find it anywhere. And I have been looking. I am glad you aren’t discontinued but I would really like to know when you are gonna be putting it back on the shelves. Because it has been a while.

Great Product
by: Janet

I've been using Surf since our son was a baby over 40 years ago and don't ever intend to give it up!!!

bring it back
by: Emily Duncan

I’m a Surf laundry soap user, I mostly get the laundry detergent power. I’ve tried all other types of laundry detergent's and my whole body broke out . Surf was the only one that hasn’t ever made me break out with a welps. So please bring it back like it used to be.

My Favorite!!!
by: Connie

I had been using Surf for over 30 years until I couldn't find it anymore. I was so disappointed. So happy to hear it's going to be available again. Love all the scents. All Surf fragrances go wonderfully with April Fresh Downey. I always got compliments on how great my kids smelled while growing up.

Sad can't get Surf soap anymore
by: Anonymous

I love this soap, used it for years. Why so expensive? Family broke out in rash with other name brand detergent but not with Surf.

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