Sears Laundry Detergent Powder Review: Ultra Plus Stain Fighting Formula

by Janet
(Springfield, MO USA)

Janet shared her Sears laundry detergent powder review.

Janet says:

This product is very concentrated and it works very well for us.

I have to do laundry every other day and this box of laundry detergent from Sears that does 180 loads lasts for about 9 months before it's all gone!

The clothes come out very clean and fresh smelling and I wouldn't use another laundry soap as long as this soap is available!

Because this soap is so concentrated you only need one small scoop of it to do a full load and that is very economical.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this laundry soap Janet.

I have to say I've never tried it myself, but I don't shop at Sears very often either. I did a bit of research about this brand, and learned they have both powder and liquid versions, as well as scent free, oxi versions, HE, and a version which also contains fabric softener.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used it, and learn what you thought about it too. You can share your laundry detergent review here, or read lots of others that have already been submitted here.

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Love This Stuff! And I Got A Great Bargain On It!

by Deborah

I had never used Sears detergent before but our local Sears store was closing and they had huge sales on lots of items.

I bought 5 boxes of detergent for almost nothing-thinking at that low price I could use as much as needed to get the clothes clean and still save money. Boy was I surprised!

After the first load came out clean and great smelling I realized what a GREAT bargain I had gotten. Love this stuff!

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Used To Like Sears Detergent But Most Recent Batch Had A Bad Stench

by Heidi

Years ago this was the detergent we used. Then the Sears near me closed down so I had to order it online, but even online it was a very good price for a decent working detergent. Plus, it didn't bother our skin.

However, when my order for this detergent arrived, all of it stank like cheap plastic dollar store toys. I'm sure some of you know the odor in which I speak of. And I mean it really stank to the point it was giving me a headache. But, I decided to use it in hopes the smell would not reappear on our laundry.

That was a horrible, terrible mistake. I ended up having to go to the store to buy another brand of detergent and it took three washes to get the cheap plastic stink out of our clothes.

Ever since then, I have been afraid to reorder this detergent. From some research I did I'm not the only one who has ended up with foul smelling Sears detergent, so if you do decide to try this, be cautious. You may end up with a horrible stench.

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Sears Ultra Plus Powder Review: Love It Because Very Economical

by Susan

Susan says:

I have used Sears detergent for years. It's my favorite because it works as well as anything I've tried, it requires only a small scoop for a full load so a box lasts forever, and it's very economical if you buy it on sale which is the only time I buy it.

I don't shop at Sears very often but I watch the Sunday ads or check on line for the sale and then I stock up.

I can go without buying laundry detergent for more than a year and I have a family of six.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review Susan.

I have to say that before you and another reader above shared these reviews with me I had no idea Sears even made laundry detergent.

So has anyone else used this brand? If so, I'd love to hear what you think of it, good or bad. You can click here to submit your review and I'll add it to the site.

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Comments for Sears Ultra Plus Powder Review: Love It Because Very Economical

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this is a great low cost detergent
by: Patricia

Sears - 275 loads works well in my H.E. washer with our clothes.

Where is the scoop?
by: Jane

I just bought a new Kenmore washer (4.3 size) and a box of the Ultra Plus detergent, 17.3 lb size, 180 loads. I cannot find the scoop that they say is included. I have fished around in the detergent and felt around the plastic bag of detergent every place but under the bag which would require tearing off the top of the box and removing the plastic bag of detergent.

Ruined my machine
by: Barry

Several years ago I used this detergent from Sears, as I had initially liked the results, but found later that I was getting a huge calcium build up on the tub over time that was not readily apparent. The water we have is very hard, so I suspect there is a reaction to this detergent and water hardness that can clog up your machine. The water pump quit after about 5 years and calcium had built up everywhere in the machine. Sears detergent does not suds a lot, which I initially like, unfortunately it ruined a Dependable Care Maytag that shouldn't have happened.

Love the stuff
by: Jerel

This is good soap. I got tired of constantly buying soap monthly for a family of 6. I buy the 275 loads and it last for about 8 months. One time I caught the smaller boxes on sale and got 6 of them. We did not have to purchase soap for three years!

40 years
by: Kim

I have been using Sears laundry detergent for over 40 years. Periodically, I've tried other name brands due to availability in the grocery store. Those always end up as "last resort" until I make it to the Sears store. Works great even in my new front loading high efficiency machine.

Favorite soap discontinued
by: Margaret

I came on to this website to try and find a replacement for Sears Ultra Laundry Soaps. Our family has used this detergent for more than 20 years. This soap has been an economical and effective answer to the challenge of staying clean on the family farm and now that it is no longer available we are quite worried we will not be able to match its performance and value.

Can't find it anymore
by: Pat

I have been using Ultra plus for many years but can't find it in the store anymore. Does anyone have an answer to my question of where it can be purchased?

so disappointed that Sears has discontinued this
by: Mary

I am so disappointed that Sears has discontinued this practical, economical, high-performing laundry detergent!

I have used it for 43 years, and my mom used it too. It was low sudsing, rinsed well, and had a light clean scent that was not cloying, perfume-y, or overpowering like so many of the liquid detergent soaps currently in favor. It had excellent cleaning ability for even the grubbiest loads, and was thrifty to boot!

Way back when Sears actually had their OWN reliable service department, I was told that this powdered detergent was excellent to use in my Sears Kenmore washing machine because its low sudsing helped keep the washer from building up soap residue, thus prolonging the life of the machine. I believe that is true: my first Kenmore lasted over 25 years, and my "new" Kenmore is over 15 years old and going strong.

Well, Sears, I am sad to see you go. You once had the most reliable products on the market. Dependable appliances, great tools, even your own brand of efficient laundry detergent that was used exclusively in many households for years. So sorry that even this useful, everyday product has been discontinued from your dwindling product base.

Best laundry product I have ever used!
by: Phyllis

I have used Sears laundry detergent for over 40 years. We love it and we will be very sorry when the last of our Sears product is gone. I have been unable to find a single product that could compare in laundry cleanliness or cost anywhere. Because I was so convinced of this value, my mother and my brother both began to use it exclusively. If anyone has any idea who the manufacturer of this product is, I would really like to know. I will need to replace this product one day!

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