Renuzit Air Fresheners Fresh Accents
For Holiday Review

The newest Renuzit air fresheners are called "Fresh Accents" and come in holiday scents for a low price.

Read my review below of this product to see when it may be right, or wrong, for your home.

What Are They? Small Holiday Air Fresheners With Decorations On Them

I received two scents of these room air fresheners to try because I am a Purex Insider (I believe Renuzit and Purex are sister companies). The scents provided were "Winter Berry" (the red one on the left) and "Festive Snow" (the green one on the right).

renuzit air fresheners

There are, of course, lots of different ways to dispense the scent into the air from various fresheners. These are a gel, and you just put the square gel tray into the dispenser and sit it in an out of the way place in the room you want freshened up.

I like that you don't have to plug it in, nor do you have to use batteries with this type of freshener.

It then continously releases scent, and the packaging says it does so for approximately 30 days. I did not use it for 30 days (see below), so I can't say for sure if it actually lasts that long or not.

These Renuzit Air Fresheners Are Cute But Strong Smelling

The Renuzit Air Fresheners dispensers are very cute, and it is a nice little holiday decoration for a room. You can see a picture of the front and back of it below.

renuzit holiday air fresheners front and back

I would note, however, a child or pet could easily get to the gel tray within it, so you need to make sure you keep it out of reach of pets and small children who could become fascinated with the gel. That would not be good since it cautions the fragrance oils could cause eye or skin irritation. It also warns that you should "use with care around birds and other sensitive household pets" on the back of its packaging.

I would assume it makes this suggestion because the scent it provides is quite strong. After opening it I placed it in the bathroom and when I walked into that room just a few minutes later the smell really was almost overpowering to me. Since I don't like strong scents I removed it from the room soon thereafter.

I will say, however, that my family and I aren't a big fan of strong scents and therefore we don't normally use air fresheners. Therefore, this criticism is really more about most room fresheners and not this product in particular.

My Opinion Of The Renuzit Air Fresheners: Nice For Some Homes But Not Ours

Because I do have small children, and would be concerned they would want to mess with the gel, and because we don't like strong smells I don't think these Renuzit Air Fresheners are for me. However, in homes without pets or small children, and where you like to use room air fresheners, I could see how these items would be nice.

They are quite inexpensive, as far as room fresheners go, only costing approximately $2 each in the store. In addition, they have holiday scents and are a decoration all in one. I can see how this would appeal to many people, but of course not everyone.

Do you have a favorite air freshener or try one that you didn't like so well? If so, you can share your room air freshener review here.

Pursuant to FTC regulations please be aware that I was provided with two samples of Renuzit Fresh Accents to use and review in my home as part of my role as a Purex Insider, which is a sister brand of Henkel's Home Care division. In addition, I was also provided the coupons for the giveaway. However, all opinions expressed are my own, and have not been influenced by any company.

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