How To Remove Cat Urine Smell On Clothes And The Floor

by Rita
(Orlando, FL)

Rita has shared her tips for how to remove cat urine smell (and human urine smell too) from clothes and the floor.

Rita says:

I have had cats and kids all my life, so I want to share how to remove urine smell (feline or human).

I soak the clothes, blankets, shoes, whatever, in a bucket, sink, or washing machine up to overnight, adding a regular amount of Wisk into the water.

Then I just wash, adding a new amount of Wisk, with the same amount of water per usual.

I have never had to throw out such an object except a beanbag chair that got cat urine inside through the seams.

Wisk also works on mopping a floor that a sickly cat decided was the correct pee-spot. (The cat changed back to the cat litter when she smelled the Wisk on the floor.)

Pinesol also works on the floor situation but not fabric items.

Taylor says:

Thanks Rita for this great tip. As a Mom of 3 I know what you mean about needing to deal with urine smell and stains, especially during the diaper and potty training years.

Cats too, like to urinate in the same spot over and over, so it is important if they are urinating on something inappropriate to get them to stop as quickly as possible, and remove the urine smell that keeps them coming back.

I would love to hear in the comments how Rita's tip has worked for you.

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How To Find Cat Urine So You Can Remove Cat Urine Smells

by The Blindman

Have you ever noticed that smell of cat urine in your home, but can't seem to find the exact source? Here is a tip from a reader to help with this.

The Blindman says:

First know that cats can spray over 12 feet. To find the smell you need a UV light and chalk.

Cat urine glows in UV light, so come night use the light to see every urine spot and mark it with the chalk.

Black Light Pet STain Detector {Referral Link}

Then, the next day swab the circled spots with vinegar. All done.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your tip for finding the source of the cat urine.

I especially like the idea of then circling with chalk, so you can find the spots again.

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