Lysol Cleaner Review: Multi-Surface Pourable Cleaning Fluid Great For Many Uses

by Jenny

Jenny shared her review of Lysol cleaner, used for multi-surfaces in the pourable container.

Jenny says:

This is an excellent all purpose cleaner to use on all surfaces of your home. It can be used either at full strength or diluted in warm soapy water for mopping floors.

This cleaner is excellent for mopping. I use it on my vinyl floors and you can really see the results in the water afterwards. Not only does this product work on floors, but it works wonders on both kitchen and bathroom countertops, bathtubs, and toilets.

Undiluted, it cleans surfaces that even have caked on dirt and food. For example, it works wonders on my gas stove top that frequently has caked on food.

I have two dogs and am constantly sweeping and mopping up dog hair. After using this cleaner on my floors and other surfaces, there is a lot less dog hair floating around my home.

It is great to use with microfiber mops and traditional mops. All around, I would recommend Lysol's All Purpose Cleaner. Plus, the lemon scent in this cleaner leaves a fresh smelling scent on all surfaces that lasts at least a day or two.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review of this Lysol cleaner Jenny.

I actually use this product, in the orange scent, to mop my kitchen floors most of the time.

I like that it not only cleans well, but when used properly, can disinfect at the same time.

Does anyone else have a favorite disinfectant cleaner? If so, I would love for you to share your disinfectant cleaners review here, or you can read reviews of other products that have already been submitted.

In addition, you can share your general purpose cleaner review here for this or any other product, telling me which one you like, and why.

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Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Great For Cleaning My Floors

by Taylor

I've been using both the lemon and orange scented versions of this all purpose cleaner for several years to clean the hard floors in my home.

We've got vinyl flooring in our kitchen and bathrooms, and as with many other types of flooring it needs to be mopped to get it clean.

For a long time I used a normal mop and bucket for this process. This cleaner is concentrated, and although the instructions say that you can use it full strength I prefer to dilute it per instructions, since I think it works just as well that way but it obviously goes a longer way when diluted.

You add 1/4 cup of the cleaner to each gallon of water, mop, and then rinse with clean water.

In addition, lately I've been using the diluted version of this cleaner in my Libman Freedom Spray Mop as well, and cleaning my floor with it this way. I just spray the cleaner out of the mop and then run the microfiber cloth over the floor, and it gets clean!

I can't rinse as easily this way with the Libman mop, but so far I haven't noticed any build up (although I do periodically mop the old way as well and then rinse), so I'm pleased with it.

When you dilute it one bottle lasts for quite a while.

Although I tend to only use this to clean my floors it can actually be used on lots of hard surfaces.

If you're using it for cleaning surfaces like the counter, walls, and bathroom surfaces I suggest diluting it in a spray bottle (label it carefully so everyone knows what is in the bottle) and then you can spray the cleaner onto the surfaces. This is easier than trying to use the pourable bottle, and also diluting will make it last you a lot longer than using it full strength.

The instructions say to use at full strength though if trying to clean something greasy or to clean soap scum. I've never used for these purposes, so I'd love to hear from others who've used it as well to share your own reviews.

You can share your reviews here, and I'll add them to the site!

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Lysol Spray Plus Cleaner For Removing Urine Smell From Laundry

by Diana
(Cypress, TX)

Diana says:

My mom is in the late stages of Alzheimers and lives with us. Now that she has entered this last stage we have frequent "accidents" even with pullups and pads.

Because of medications and other health issues, it can sometimes be quite strong and overwelming >>> the kids and hubby leave the house - they can't take it it's so strong >>> simple laundry even with bleach and extra soap (we've tried many other cleaners too) doesn't cut it.

Many times we would do laundry several times and still the odor persisted!

About a year ago, we found a simple way to cut the odor and the germs from a health club worker that we met while shopping for ammonia (the next best thing!)

First, we immediately spray liberally with Lysol spray - the fragrant kind used as a room spray.

Make sure the whole area is well saturated. Do nothing else, no rinsing, no washing out ... just fold up and put with laundry (we have a hamper outside for grandma's dirty bedding and clothes).

Then launder as usual adding about 1/2 cup of lysol household cleaner. The kind that comes in fragrances like orange, lavendar, lemon etc.

The two of those kills all germs and all odor even the terrible dead fishy kind that knocks you over.

Even the laundry that gets left all day in our Texas heat doesn't get stinkier - it used to knock you out when you opened the door especially in the heat.

So try it - it sure made our lives a lot easier and a LOT sweeter smellin' :-)

By the way ... this also works on smelly sports clothes and equipment -- even the football jersy's and those smelly shoes and socks -- after a hot practice in August heat, those boys smell almost as bad as Grandma!

Warm regards from a Texas mom!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this tip Diana, and as a person who had a grandmother with Alzheimers myself I want you to know I'm thinking of you.

I have others say they've used Lysol cleaner in laundry, but I can't find any directions for doing so on the bottle itself (at least that I have here in my house). That means you should always use caution when using this method, but if your clothing really does smell that badly you may want to try it, since it might be ruined from the smell anyway!

If anyone else has used it as a stain or odor remover I'd love to hear from you. You can share your experiences and tips here.

In addition, I'd love to hear what you use as a urine cleaner or stain remover. You can share your urine cleaner reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted.

In addition, you can read more urine odor removal tips here, or share your own.

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Will this clean redoxide flooring?
by: Anonymous

I would like to know whether it removes lemon and water stains in redoxide flooring?

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