Lexol Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Helps Me Clean And Restore Old Leather Items

by Allyson
(Oxnard, CA)

Allyson has shared how she uses Lexol leather cleaner as part of her hobby and side-business.

Allyson says:

Lexol is an extremely effective leather cleaner, given my experience.

For the record, I am an amateur leather-worker and have previously helped fund my hobby by doing leather restoration for resale. I've bought purses for pennies from junk shops and thrift stores, then used Lexol to clean them up such that they regain their original lovely appearance.

It removes dust, grime, and the general nastiness that accumulates on leather when it is mistreated (and these items were VERY mistreated - I pulled some of them out of a barn!), while also helping to restore some shine and moisture to the leather itself. Of course, I then also use Lexol leather conditioner to really moisturize the leather even more.

Dry leather is a terrible thing, prone to cracking and other degradation. Therefore, the Lexol one-two punch of the cleaner and then the conditioner is the best way I've found to really restore leather items, such as purses and jackets, to make them look their best.

Even if I can't necessarily sell everything I've bought the leather itself always winds up in good enough condition that I can even simply pull the seams out and reuse the materials in new creations. It saves me a bundle over buying all of it fresh!

Taylor says:

Thanks Allyson for sharing how you use both Lexol leather cleaner and Lexol leather conditioner.

I'm always looking for even more reviews of these products, both for use in your car and for other areas of your home, and for clothes and purses too. You can share your leather cleaners review here or your leather conditioners review here. Please share for either this brand, or for any other brand that you have used, telling me how it worked for you, and whether you liked it or not, and why.

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I Used Lexol Cleaner For My Leather Couch When The Dog Peed On It

by Rose
(Fayetteville, NC)

Rose shared how she used Lexol cleaner on her leather couch.

Rose says:

I used Lexol's leather cleaner on my couch when my dog peed on it.

Obviously, when this happened, I really wanted to get off the urine from my couch as quickly as possible. I was in a panic about what to do, but my husband said he would go to the garage and get his leather cleaner he uses for our car upholstery while I cleaned up the majority of the mess.

So, right after I soaked up most of the urine with towels I applied the cleaner to our couch. I was afraid our couch would be ruined, but by cleaning it up right away, and using Lexol, everything seems to have turned out fine. The couch was not damaged and it still feels like the same couch we bought.

It was really easy to use, and now my couch doesn't smell like urine at all, as I was afraid it might. Now, if something else happens to this couch I'll turn right back to Lexol leather cleaner again to clean it up.

Taylor says:

Thanks Rose for sharing how you used Lexol leather cleaner.

It sounds like your quick action, and having the cleaning product on hand already, really saved you a lot of work and potential grief. It is always easier to clean something up right away than to wait until later.

Has anyone else used this product for removing pet stains from leather? If so, I would love to hear how it worked for you. I wonder if it would have worked as well if the pet stain had sat for a longer period of time? Leather is notorious, after all, for soaking up and then holding onto dirt and odors.

You can share your tips for how to remove a pet stain here, or read others already submitted.

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Both The Jug & Wipes Are Easy To Use

by SR101 Reader

The leather cleaner that I have used is Lexol.

This brand actually has both a cleaner and a conditioner.

What I don’t like about the cleaner is that it is toxic if ingested.

It also can be pretty harsh on the skin.

However, it is a very easy product to use, especially since it comes in a jug and in wipes.

I have used the jug to clean large items such as the couch in my house.

The wipes I've used to clean the interior seats in my vehicle as well as leather clothing.

It is a product that works well. Just be careful and do not ingest it and make sure you wear gloves when applying it.

You can buy the wipes at most auto stores and you can buy it by the jug at almost any leather store. I usually pick up my jug of Lexol at Tandy Leather Supply.

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Lexol Leather Cleaner And Lexol Leather Conditioner Review

Below is a video where a professional car detailer recommends using Lexol leather cleaner and Lexol leather conditioner on leather car upholstery, to clean and condition it.

In addition, he explains exactly how to use both of them.

First, in regard to the cleaner he says you should spray it onto the seat, and rub until you get a lather, and then wipe it off.

In regard to the conditioner he explains that you should spray it on a rag and rub it into the leather, in a circular motion. Then, you should let it sit on the leather for approximately one minute, and then buff it off.

Here is the video for full details on how to use these products on your car's leather upholstery.

I would love to hear your opinions about these products too. You can share your leather cleaners reviews here, and your leather conditioners review here.

In addition, you can check out even more auto upholstery cleaner reviews here or share your own.

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