Kaboom StainBuster Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Review

by Sonya

Sonya has shared her Kaboom Stainbuster Mold & Mildew Stain Remover with Bleach review.

Sonya says:

The tile on the walls and floor of my bathroom is very difficult to clean, especially when it collects mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew are common problems where I live because of the high humidity. I had tried other products before but they were either difficult to use or didn’t do a great job; they would clean the mold and mildew but left behind stains.

A co-worker suggested I try a Kaboom brand product so I ordered Kaboom StainBuster from an online retailer. The directions said to spray it on the mold and mildew stains and then wait for the stains to disappear.

I thought the directions were a little odd and had my doubts that the stains would just disappear but to my surprise they did! Then all I had to do was wipe the surface with a damp sponge and the stains were completely gone. Now my tile looks like brand new.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Sonya for your review of this product.

For those of you who don't know Kaboom cleaners are made by Church & Dwight Co., the same company which makes Oxiclean and Arm & Hammer products. They can be difficult to find in some stores, although they are becoming easier to find.

I have found this mold and mildew stain remover especially difficult to find in stores, so if anyone has found it in retail stores please comment or otherwise tell me where you found it, to help other readers.

Have you used this, or another product, to clean mold and mildew from hard surfaces in your home? If so, please share your mildew cleaners review here, to tell me how it worked for you, and your experiences with it. In addition, you can read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Kaboom Stain Buster Worked Magic On Boat's Mold & Mildew Stains

by Katie

Katie has shared her review of this product.

Katie says:

I LOVE this stuff. I have tried several products to try to remove mold & mildew stains from the seating on our boat and nothing has worked.

We went out for a ride last night and I sprayed some Kaboom Stain Buster on it last night and planned to go back and scrub it off after it sat for a while.

I turned around and the mold & mildew was GONE. I didn't have to even scrub it. It looks new. Amazing!!!!

Taylor says:

Thanks Katie for sharing your review of this product.

I am always hearing more reviews of this, or any other cleaning products. You can share your house cleaning supplies review here, for this or any other product, to tell me how it has worked for you, and why you like (or dislike) it.

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Kaboom StainBuster Mold & Mildew Cleaner Makes Extremely Bad Fumes

by Kathy
(San Diego)

Kathy says:

I used this product in my shower. It says on the bottle "no harsh fumes" but when I used the product and it started working on the mold, I felt sick from the fumes.

I had the bathroom fan on and windows open in the bathroom, and was very bothered by the smell. I had to leave the room and felt a slight burning sensation in my nose.

I tried rinsing the shower completely and it still had a strong smell. I am writing this review over 1 hour after I started cleaning the shower and I still can not go into the bathroom. My nose and throat is currently irritated.

I do not recommend this product and have concerns with the toxic fumes the product generates.

Taylor says:

Kathy, thanks for sharing your experiences and concerns about this product.

I have not personally used it, so I would love to hear from even more people to share your experiences with this product. Specifically, what have you thought about the fumes and smell of the product?

You can share your mold cleaners review here, to tell me your own experiences with this, or another product, or to read additional reviews that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Kaboom StainBuster Mold & Mildew Cleaner Makes Extremely Bad Fumes

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disappointed, will not buy again
by: Anonymous

I used this to clean my bathtub in my apartment- it had a lot of grime and was just really dingy looking. I brought in a fan and had my vent on. The nozzle was really inefficient at spraying - I had to spray A LOT to cover the area that needed cleaning. After about 30 seconds of spraying the product on the ring in my tub, the chemical odor was so bad I started coughing and even after leaving my bathroom my chest felt like it was on fire from the smell! I even covered my face!

After all this, I found it didn't even remove the dirt I wanted it to, even with scrubbing. Previously I have used old fashioned bleach and a lot of scrubbing which was successful, I was just hoping to find a product that made cleaning a little easier on me since the odor of bleach is so strong!

Overall, I was disappointed with the product. Will not buy again.

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