Jomax House Cleaner & Mildew Killer Is Best For Cleaning Vinyl Siding

by Rob
(Musk, MI)

Rob shared a quick recommendation for Jomax House Cleaner & Mildew Killer.

Rob says:

Mix this product with bleach and water, wet the siding, and then spray on the solution.

Then, power wash it off.

No scrubbing, and the dirt and mildew falls off!

It's the best product ever!!!

Taylor says:

Thanks Rob for this recommendation. He told me about the product when I asked what tips people had for cleaning vinyl siding.

I didn't know much about this product so after Rob wrote to me about it, I checked it out and wanted to share more about it with you.

What I found is that this is a product that is designed to remove dirt and also mold and mildew from exterior non-porous surfaces, including most painted surfaces.

It can be used on both vinyl or aluminum siding, and also on painted or stained wood siding, your deck, fences, painted and stained stucco, and concrete.

What you do is mix the Jomax with water and bleach (80% water, 15% chlorine bleach and 5% Jomax). (The instructions give exact measurements for how much of each thing to use when making various amounts of the mixture.)

The cleaner contains a mildewcide, bleach activator and detergents, and claims that it better cleans and kills mildew and mold better than just bleach alone.

You mix the ingredients together and apply using a garden sprayer. You spray the surface liberally, wait 5 minutes, and then rinse off well (it is recommended that you rinse with a pressure washer).

Normally the idea is that you don't have to scrub, but the instructions state that you may need to do some scrubbing if the surface is textured.

One thing I like about it, is that it says that it is safe (when used as directed) near plants and shrubs, since cleaning your siding shouldn't kill all your landscaping!

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I would love to hear from more people who've used this product, sharing how it worked for you, either good or bad. You can share your review here for this or any other vinyl siding cleaner (or read other reviews already submitted).

Further, I'd also love to know how it worked on some of the other surfaces I also mentioned above, such as on a wood deck, concrete, or other types of siding!

Finally, you can check out more reviews of mildew cleaners here for use all around your home, if you've got mold and mildew troubles. If you've used a product to clean your home exterior of these fungi please tell me how you did it.

Mildew cleaner reviews

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Easier Than Bleach Alone For Mildew, But Expensive

by Joe Pressureman

It works good with pressure washing, makes the dirt and mildew come off faster and easier than bleach alone, but it's expensive.

I found it necessary to add extra bleach, more than what it says for stronger stains.

Best thing for the plants is to hose them off or run the sprinklers after to rinse them of residue.

For rust stains an acid cleaner is better. Jomax does almost nothing for rust, but most acid cleaners can cause damage to paint and eat at concrete unlike Jomax.

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Using JoMax House Cleaner Was No Better Than Using Water

by Janet Koski
(Washburn, MO)

Janet says:

I used almost an entire container of JoMax and it was like spraying my home with plain water.

Before using I shook the container well as instructed and did everything according to directions but the mildew spots stayed.

What a waste of time and money.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that Janet, but thank you for taking the time to write in and tell me that.

Now I've heard two conflicting reports about this product, one positive and one negative.

I would love to hear from even more people who've used this house cleaner, sharing how it worked for them. Further, I would love to also hear suggestions for other products that you've used to clean your vinyl siding that you thought did work. You can share your reviews and experiences here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Using JoMax House Cleaner Was No Better Than Using Water

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used less bleach than recommended and still great results
by: Nate

Great product. I used it using less bleach than recommended and received outstanding results.

Some folks say not to use bleach on vinyl siding, however I consulted the Certainteed Cedar Impressions web site and it said bleach was safe to use on their product as long as it is mixed in the proper proportions.

I do not use a power washer. I prefer a pump up sprayer to apply from bottom to top and rinse with a garden hose from top to bottom. outstanding results.

Janet forgot to add bleach
by: George Kahumoku Jr

From reading Janet's comments, it seems like she did not follow directions and forgot to add bleach.

It has worked for 8 years and counting
by: Tee P

I am a teacher, and every year around graduation, I clean my 2 story house. It is white vinyl siding. I have the typical mildew on the north, and pollen and grime all over the rest. If it doesn't work, then you failed to follow the directions. I use my 25 gallon lawn sprayer. I have learned after year 2 that mixing and pumping takes a lot of time. Now, I can reach the peaks without a ladder. I then use my electric Briggs and Stratton pressure washer and lightly wash the dirt away. This isn't really necessary, but it helps me get higher on the house than with a hose.

Bottom line is my house still looks new.

by: Joseph

I will begin buying from you. I have been using this product for about 15 years. Miracle!! Does exactly as advertised. I appreciate the price you set but just for your information, it sells at Home Depot for just under 20.00. Possibly you could raise the price a little but still keep it less than places like Home Depot and Lowe's and even Walmart. I do get discounts at Home Depot but I wouldn't mind buying from you if it's to help a family. God bless.

melted the mold and mildew away!
by: Terry Marks

I used JoMax on my Vinyl Siding that had Mold and Mildew very bad, I mean I am talking green city. I mixed the JoMax as instructed and I used a gallon sprayer to apply it and it just melted the stuff away; all of it. I tend to use just a little bit more JoMax and cut just a little on the Bleach. Far as smell I only smelled a little bit of bleach but nothing else and it did not damage any of my siding. Overall, the vinyl had not been cleaned in two years and it was nasty green and JoMax did not let me down. I recommend the product as it worked well for me and it is worth the money knowing that I don't have to spend hours in the heat cleaning my home.

I love this cleaner, but
by: Robin Long

I recently had someone tell me that you should never use bleach or a bleach product on vinyl siding?

He power washes homes and mobile homes for a living. He stated that bleach, in any amount, can crystallize and weaken the vinyl, which will cause fading of color (even whites), and premature aging. (Although I doubt this if you rinse well) He said it causes the vinyl to harden and then crack.

I've used JoMax with great success and I'm a fan. I have a vinyl and stone home and my siding is only 3 yrs old.

Does anyone know anything about vinyl aging prematurely due to cleaning with bleach or a bleach product?

JoMax works!
by: Paul

Tried JoMax on my gutters today. Living in SW Florida, mold and mildew is everywhere, especially staining the aluminum gutters. My house, built in 2004 has never been power washed as far as I know or can tell, other than the driveway and Lanai and pool area. We have been in the house for only 13 months.
JoMax is the real deal. The gutters I washed look brand new now (white). They were badly stained and almost grey in color. Sprayed it on with tank sprayer, waited a few minutes and power washed it off. Easy and it works!!!

Bleach causing fading/aging
by: Doug

No bleach won't cause fading and/or aging. The sun, rain etc will do that. Also note that after washing for over 25 years, Jomax is nothing more than expensive soap. Use a cheap soap when mixing with a bleach product to help the product adhere to your surface and there you have it. Expensive dish soaps tend to have a harsher chemical reaction with the bleach.

by: Anonymous

Mixed according to direction EXACTLY.
Followed application instructions EXACTLY.

Didnt remove the faintest of mildew stains. The garden hose on STREAM setting took some of the mildew off.


No difference.

I was using this on painted wood, not vinyl. Perhaps that is the reason for the poor performance? If so, the label should explicitly state this is for vinyl only.

0/10. A waste of money and bleach.

Looked freshly painted
by: Wayne

Per my neighbors instructions, 20 gals of water, 4 gals of bleach, and one gallon of JoMax in a 25 gallon sprayer. Sprayed on dry, waited 5 minutes and washed off with a water hose with nozzle. In general, I was amazed. In 90 minutes from start of spraying, the farm house looked freshly painted, and it was pretty bad when we started.

Made a believer out of me. Farm house is siding and wood. Siding is both asbestos and vinyl. Don't recall exactly which Jomax we used.

Love JoMax
by: Tim

Love JoMax!

Someone I worked with told me about JoMax and I couldn't believe it. No more pressure spraying!

I use it in a 2-gallon pump sprayer and it works great on the siding.

I spray it on from top to bottom, usually don't let it set that long and follow with the hose.

Amazing! Works great!

I use to use a pressure sprayer, fight to reach high areas, and now not an issue, plus so easy on the siding.

My mix is as follows:
For a 2 gallon tank:
2-cups JoMax
4-cups Bleach
Fill the rest with water.


Works great!
by: Keith

I've been using Jomax for about about 20 years and have been very pleased with the results. I have used it on wood clapboard siding, wooden decks, vinyl siding, and aluminum gutters. It seems to both clean and de-mildew better than bleach/water alone. It may not be cheap but neither is my time.

Misleading advertising
by: Anonymous

This product came up when I searched for "chlorine-free" biodegradable products, so the fact that you have to ADD chlorine bleach to make this product effective makes it not applicable for our situation.

fabulous product
by: Colin Stephens

A fabulous product! I have been using this on my vinyl siding for over 10 years. Also use it on composite siding, and Hardi-plank. Works great.

I do not agree to wash it off with a pressure washer. The high pressure can allow water to penetrate between the laps and get into insulation, unless a rigid foil faced insulation board is fixed to the studs. It is extremely important to seal the vertical and horizontal joints with a special tape that can be provided by the board manufacturers.

If folks are having problems getting the siding clean they are not following instructions properly. If the dirt and mildew are extremely bad a second application may be necessary.

best product
by: Mary Caldwell

I live in Florida so the weather changes so much that any outdoor furniture or vinyl siding are magnets for mold and mildew. I saw this no rinse product and was very skeptical. This product is so easy to use with no scrubbing at all. It cleans the entire house siding, eves and trim. It does take awhile to get the full effects but my siding got cleaner and brighter as the days went by. Have been trying to find this cleaner in a store near me. I bought at local Walmart but haven't been able to find in store now. Best product I ever used. You won't be disappointed.

left film on window
by: Deborah Houston

We cleaned our house with Jomax as in the past and this year it has left a heavy film on windows. So far we haven't been able to find anything to remove it. It's starting to look like we will need to replace the windows.

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