How To Make Air Freshener Using Natural Ingredients

The video below gives two recipes for how to make air freshener using natural ingredients.

I like that these recipes are very simple, so anyone can do it and not have to rely on commercial products if they don't want to.

For both recipes you will need a spray bottle to spray the homemade air freshener into the air.

The first recipe's ingredients are:
  • 1/4 cup baking soda

  • Water (approximately 2 cups)

  • Couple drops of vanilla extract
Just combine the ingredients together, shake gently to mix, and then spray in the room where you need the air freshened.

The video does not say this, but you can substitute a couple of drops of essential oils if you wish to have a different scent than vanilla. Check out this essential oil use chart for some ideas of fragrances you may like.

The other recipe is even simpler -- straight distilled white vinegar. The vinegar cuts the smells quickly, and even though your house will smell like vinegar it will only smell that way briefly.

It is surprising how quickly the vinegar smell dissipates. Again, if you want to leave a scent behind merely add a couple of drops of essential oils to the vinegar before spraying.

Here is the video for full details.

So that is how to make air fresheners using natural ingredients.

Do you have any homemade cleaners recipes to share? If so, you can submit homemade cleaners recipes here, or submit homemade air fresheners recipes here.

In addition, you can share recipes for use around you home using the following ingredients:Photo by sskennel, from Flickr CC

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Simple Room Air Freshener Recipe

by Tina

Tina has also shared her tips for how to make air fresheners for your home.

Tina says:

I just use my favorite smelling fabric softener mixed with water, 50/50, and spray it on my curtains, furniture etc.

It smells great, helps with static especially in the winter, and helps with pet hair, everyone loves the smell :)

I can't use Febreeze and a few others as I am allergic to them but this I find works great and is very inexpensive.

Taylor says:

That does sound like a nice inexpensive room air freshener recipe. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.

Does anyone else have their own recipe for homemade air freshener? If so, you can share your own homemade air fresheners recipe here.

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