Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner Review - Removed Food Stains Well

by Kathy
(Essex, VT)

Kathy has shared her Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner review.

Kathy says:

When I moved to my apartment I found some strange stains in the dishwasher.

I tried cleaning it with the normal household cleaner, with bubble cleaners, grease removers and also tried running the dishwasher empty, but nothing helped remove the stains.

I started checking the Internet to see if there is any specific product for cleaning dishwashers and found this product, which stated that it would remove food stains.

So I though I would give it a try instead of spoiling my dishwasher by using other products which are not meant for this purpose.

Since it is made with natural food acids and has a lemon fresh scent, this product is very environmentally safe, which is something I really like.

I ran the dishwasher as per the package instructions and found that most of the stains are gone.

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Moreover my dishwasher looked sparkly and had a lovely smell. It also removed all kinds of weird deposits which were lying at the bottom of the dishwasher.

After using it my trays became very smooth and started pulling out without making any squeaking noise.

This product is extremely good, and it is affordable. I would strongly recommend using this.

It's easy to order it online since you might not find it in many retail stores.

I now use it to clean my dishwasher once a month, and whenever I see some stains.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kathy for sharing your Glisten dishwasher cleaner review.

I did some research into this product after I received your review, and found out that this product uses citric acid as an ingredient for cleaning your dishwasher. It can be a great stain remover for your dishwasher, as you've mentioned. In fact, another source of citric acid is powdered kool-aid. Here is a tip about a homemade dishwasher stain remover using kool-aid that you can also use if you want.

Has anyone else used this dishwasher cleaner, or another brand that you want to share a review about? If so, you can share your dishwasher cleaners review here, or read other reviews of other brands that have already been submitted.

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