Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner Review - Problems With Glass On Oven Door

by Stain Removal 101 Reader

A Stain Removal 101 reader has written in to share her problem with Easy Off Fume Free oven cleaner that she has experienced.

She Says:

The white finish around the glass of my oven door is discolored after using Easy Off oven cleaner (blue label) to clean my self-cleaning oven!

I just got off the phone with Customer Service about a problem that I had with some damage done to the door of my double oven.

After cleaning it and letting it sit overnight I wiped everything out. (It was sparkling clean!) However, I noticed that when I had the light on, that their was a discoloration coming through all around the glass on the front of both doors.

It says that you can use the product on the glass doors and mine did come very clean. It looks like, someway, the product got in between the glass and the white finish of the front of the oven? This is an expensive, Kitchen-Aid, double oven, with a white finish and glass in the middle, so that you can see in your oven while cooking.

I have no idea why this happened, because on their "Frequently Asked Questions", it says that you can spray it on the glass for cleaning.

I'm waiting for the person from customer service, who I spoke to, to give me a call and see what can be done about the problem. The front of my doors now are ruined.

You can see the difference a little bit when the light is off, but when the light comes on, their is about a 2 inch discoloration appearing on the white part, that surrounds the glass.

I sure hope they can come up with a solution, as the product works great,
except for that.

Also, have any of you used the product on the racks to clean them? I've always soaked mine, rather than leave them in during the self-cleaning cycle, because it dulls them and they don't slide as well.

Let me know, as mine are soaking in my tub, as that's the way I have always cleaned them.

Taylor says:

I sure hope Easy Off can help you with this issue with your oven doors. I really don't know what to say, other than I'm sorry that happened to you.

Other readers, have you experienced such a problem before? If so, was there anything you could do about it? If you have any ideas or suggestions please place them in the comments.

This is the first big complaint I've received about Easy Off oven cleaner, although I have gotten mixed reviews. You can read even more Easy Off oven cleaner reviews here.

I am curious, did you use the aerosol spray Easy Off Fume Free oven cleaner, or the newer spray bottle version? I wonder if that would have made a difference? I would think the aerosol would be more likely to get in little crevices on accident like that, but I'm not sure.

In regard to your question about cleaning oven racks, I would continue doing it the way you have mentioned. First soak the rack in soapy water, and then scrub them with a plastic scrubber. If they have a lot of burned food residue on them adding a bit of ammonia to the water can help loosen all than gunk off.

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Comments for Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner Review - Problems With Glass On Oven Door

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Easy Off Not Responding To Damage To Oven Glass Door

I contacted Easy Off Customer Service, gave them my story, told them about the damage to my double oven and was told that a Supervisor would get back with me the next day. No call, so I called again, was then told, "They had 24 to 48 hrs. to return my call. I told them, "I was concerned about actually using my oven," then he told me to get in touch with the manufacturer of the oven. It's a self-cleaning oven and they will tell me, that no product should be used on it. Easy Off is made for self-cleaning ovens, which I reminded him, it's not their problem. I asked him if he would try and reach a supervisor, he did try, but came back on the phone to tell me that they couldn't take any phone calls right now. They would send me a form to fill out, send pictures, etc. Nothing like they mentioned the day before. No rep. coming out to check my damaged oven. I don't have any confidence in Easy Off right now and hopefully aren't stuck with two damaged oven doors, on a $2500 oven.

I feel like I am getting the run around, it was in perfect condition, only needed to be cleaned.
I sprayed it on, left it overnight, then used warm water & towels to wipe everything out of the oven. It came clean, but the glass in the oven door was hazy, so I wiped them down with a little vinegar and water mix, sprayed on a Scott towel, like they suggested as the glass looked hazy, no change. That's when I noticed the discoloration on the front of my oven, surrounding the glass inserts on the door.

I'm not going to give up on this. Easy Off has a responsibility to correct the damage that has been caused to my double oven. Unfortunately, they no longer make this oven and the door panels are not available anymore.

I originally wrote about this on your site to see if anyone else had ever had this happen to their oven glass, after using Easy Off. Now, I am hoping that with the experience that I've had they might do something different when using Easy Off on the glass on their oven door, even though their site says you can. I would cover the glass part, use the spray kind on the door, avoiding the glass all together. I would leave the door open, thus not taking a chance that maybe the oven cleaner might run down into the oven door. I feel that the chemical ate into the finish around the bottom of the glass, as it sat overnight and proceeded to etch the porcelain and run into the inside of the oven. I hope I have helped someone in my experience with Easy Off and Glass on their oven door.

Easy off between glass
by: Anonymous

I had a friend tell me that if you Google how to take off the inside panel of your oven door you can clean between the inside glass. I just recently cleaned my oven but there is oil spots that have somehow gotten between the inside and outside glass. There's apparently a fairly easy way for me to remove the inside panel so I can clean those two glasses inside. You might try that.

Same issue
by: Anonymous

I have had the same issue and cannot get the stain marks off my lass oven door. I have used the product in the past and never had this happen. Now my oven glass looks dirty all the time. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to remove the stains.

by: Anonymous

I was told by an appliance repairman to avoid using the self cleaning option on my oven as much as possible. He said that the extreme high temps can cause the seals on the oven door to allow grease to get between the glass. Then what’s the point of buying a self cleaning oven??!!

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