Dry Cleaning Fluid Substitute - Lighter Fluid

by Daniel

Here is a quick tip from a reader - substituting lighter fluid for dry cleaning solvent for stain removal.

Daniel says:

You can use Ronsonol lighter fluid in place of dry cleaning solvent or fluid. It can be found at your local hardware stores such as ACE.

Taylor says:

Thanks Daniel for that quick tip. It really is true too.

For example, in a video featuring Martha Stewart removing ink stains which I've embedded on this site, the first thing they try is squirting the ink stain with lighter fluid, since dry cleaning solvent was not available.

Of course, although Daniel suggested a certain brand of lighter fluid, really any brand will work well since they all have a similar composition.

If you want to know more about how either lighter fluid, or dry cleaning fluid can be used for stain removal check out my article about uses for dry cleaning solvent in stain removal.

So, do you have a good stain remover you like to use? If so, share your stain remover reviews here, or read others already submitted.

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Can the lighter fluid I use for charcoal fires be substituted with Ronsonol Lighter fluid to get grease stains out of my clothes?
by: Karen

Grease stain on blue jeans. Can I use charcoal lighter fluid as a substitute for Ronsonol Lighter Fluid?

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