Disposer Care Freshener Capsules Review: They Works Great!

by Taylor

I recently used Disposer Care freshener capsules in my garbage disposal, since it was beginning to get a bit of a smell to it.

I had previously read reviews from other readers of another product, Plink, which are basically little gelatin balls of some type of freshening liquid that you grind up in your disposer, and figured I would try those.

Then, I saw this brand at the store when searching for a solution to my sink's odor problem, along with seeing Plink tablets.

Interestingly they are EXACTLY the same, in look, packaging, and even in instructions, except the brand name. Look at the pictures I took below comparing the two brands:

comparison of Plink and Disposer Care freshener

The only difference was that the Disposer Care brand cost less, but not really by much. They were actually both in the exact same store too. Strange.

Anyway, I brought them home and tried them out. They're quite easy to use, and worked really well.

All you have to do is run the disposer for about a minute (with the water on, of course) to flush as much stuff out of it as possible. Next, turn off the disposer and then reduce the water stream to a pencil width stream and drop the freshener ball into the sink and turn the disposer back on for about 15 seconds. Then, turn off the disposer and the water, and
you're done. Easy peasy.

As soon as I dropped the little ball in (I got the lemon scent, as you can see from the picture) it let out the most delightful lemon smell, which lingered strong for several minutes and then was just a pleasant smell afterward for a few hours.

Once the smell had worn away completely the stink was also gone from the garbage disposal.

Since then I've used more of these little balls to freshen up the disposal when I get a whiff of a bad odor, using both the Disposer Care brand and Plink brand -- they are EXACTLY the same, like I said.

I would highly recommend these if you've got a smelly disposal and want an easy quick fix. This won't take care of major debris or grease, etc. in the disposer but it's perfect for a quick freshen up.

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I'd love to hear from more people who've used either brand of these little freshening balls, telling me what you think of them and how they've worked for you.

You can share your garbage disposer cleaner reviews or home remedies here or read others that have already been submitted, if you're interested in even more products you could use.

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