Dishwasher Magic Review: Mixed Feelings

by Taylor

I have been meaning to share my Dishwasher Magic review for a while now, since it is the dishwasher cleaner I've been using in my own home for years.

I thought it would be best to try it one last time so I could remember exactly how to use it, etc., before I wrote my review, so everything would be fresh in my mind.

using dishwasher magic
In the past I've really thought that this product worked pretty well in my dishwasher, even though I know I don't use it as regularly as I should since our water is extremely hard, and we get hard water build up in our dishwasher easily.

However, I was none too impressed with this product this last time I used it.

The instructions say to completely empty your dishwasher, take the top off the product and lay it upside down in the silverware basket.

There is a wax plug in the bottle that is supposed to melt as the water in the dishwasher moves over it, and then it releases the cleaner at the right time within the cycle.

In the past I have done this without incident. I followed the instructions again, and ran my dishwasher through an entire cycle. When I opened the machine it looked the same as before -- not cleaner. I was surprised and disappointed.

Then, I picked up the bottle of Dishwasher Magic and it was still full! The wax plug hadn't melted in the cycle -- I mean not at all! Of course the machine didn't look cleaner, no cleaner had been applied to it!

I know I positioned it correctly, and so that's not the problem.

I also don't believe the problem was with my hot water. I'll explain why.

The instructions say, "Water must be as hot as possible to melt wax plug. For best results first run tap nearest dishwasher until hot."

I did this, exactly as instructed.

Further, we recently just got a new hot water heater, and our water is MUCH hotter than it was in the past. Therefore, I know our water should have been hot enough.

Finally, I ran it on the sani cycle, since this is the hottest cycle, and what is recommended for
this product.

Therefore, I was disappointed in the design of this bottle, since it didn't dispense as it was supposed to.

I used it again, pulling the wax plug because it hadn't melted the first time, and ran the dishwasher again. Granted, this is not supposed to be how you do it, and perhaps the cleaner did not dispense properly as a result since it flowed out too soon.

However, it didn't look much cleaner afterward than it had before, and in the process all kinds of dishes piled up on my counter while I ran the dishwasher completely empty, trying to clean it, two separate times.

So, although in the past I've been happy with this product, this last time -- the time I plan to do a review of the product -- it didn't work well for me at all.

I've decided to try a couple of other brands and see if they work better, or if I just got a bad bottle of Dishwasher Magic.

Since I've gotten good results with it in the past, I'm not totally ready to give up on the brand, just yet. But, I am going to be trying some others and comparing them!

I'll keep everyone updated as I search for the best dishwasher cleaner!

***Update: Soon after I wrote this our dishwasher broke down, and after I got it fixed I tried another cleaner, this time from Finish. I had the same trouble with Finish cleaner's wax seal not melting also.

Since I continue to have trouble with my dishwasher itself, I am wondering if that has something to do with my problem, and not have it be a problem with these products themselves. I'm not sure yet, but did want to provide an update so you don't make too quick of a decision about this problem just from my results, which may be unusual because of machine issues. ***End Update

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Has anyone else used this product, and want to share a review of it?

You can share your dishwasher cleaner reviews here, for this or any other brand, telling me which one you like, and why. In addition, you can read other reviews that have already been submitted by other readers.

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Dishwasher Magic's Wax Plug Still Plugged!

by Karyn

Karyn says:

I am online looking for reasons why the Dishwasher Magic plug wouldn't "melt" and found others with the same problem!

So, it wasn't just me! Yay!

But seriously, I'm not sure how else to make this thing work.

I thought about sticking the plug over one of the basket's prongs. I wondered whether I'd missed this tip somewhere on the directions.

But after reading the directions once again, it definitely said to just "place" the bottle upside down inside the utensils basket.

I am finding others online with the same problem as me. So I went to the company's website for problem solving, but there were none.

They must be pretty secure in their product's performance since they had no troubleshooters or tips.

Sigh. I guess I'll go back to the other brand that doesn't have a plug stopping the cleaning suds.

What a bad idea if you ask me!

Though, I'm not sure any of them clean as nicely as one would hope.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you had the same problem I did Karyn.

If I were you I'd definitely check the main dishwasher cleaners page which has reviews of a number of products that don't use this goofy wax plug system, so actually dispense into your dishwasher!

Anyone else use this product and have tips for getting the plug to actually melt? Or any other thoughts on how the product actually works in cleaning your dishwasher if you can get it to dispense properly? If so, make sure to share your review and I'll add it to the page.

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Comments for Dishwasher Magic's Wax Plug Still Plugged!

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same problem with wax plug
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problem with Dishwasher Magic. The wax plug does not melt even though I use the hottest cycle.

non melting plug
by: Lawrie

I am using Magnum Dishwasher Cleaner. First attempt did not work. I read the instructions with more care and discovered that they instruct a minimum temperature of 65 degrees. Reprogrammed my dishwasher to an intensive wash (65 degs.) Hey presto. The plug melted and my dishwasher is clean.

troubleshooting wax plug
by: Clock Doctor

I'm just curious as to why no one has actually contacted the company about their issues with the product. Seems to me a simple phone call or email would have possibly answered any issue you could have. Just wondering why you would go straight to a bad review first.

response to Clock Doctor
by: Taylor

If you read these reviews and comments Clock Doctor you would see that there are suggestions here for fixing the problem and getting the cleaner to dispense. So while there is nothing wrong with contacting the company, and often it is a great idea, that doesn't mean that people can't also report their experiences. It is helpful to many people to hear not only what the company says, but what others have found out as well.

Wax plug didn't melt, no FAQs on website
by: Joanne

I just tried the Dishwasher Magic. I used the high setting but the wax plug barely opened, just a little pinprick hole was noticeable, but the bottle seemed full. I tried looking on the site to see if they told you what to do when it failed, but didn't find any help. Since the bottle had the hole I put it back into the utensil basket and put it back on rather than have an open bottle of chemical sitting around. As I type it is going through a 2nd cleaning process. Hope it works.

Plug still intact
by: Annette

Hi all,

I'm sort of glad it's not my dishwasher. I ran through four cycles with the plug still intact. Not even a little bit had melted. I too have the sanitize option on my dishwasher and use it all of the time. Still after four cycles, the plug has not changed. I ended up taking the plug out, just as you had, and ran my washer. It's not any cleaner.

by: Neal

I ran across this site because I just picked up some Dishwasher Magic. I have noticed the corners of my dishwasher are not cleaning properly as it is getting dirty and the spray arms were getting clogged. Looking at your picture I noticed the bottle is in the far corner. Is there anyway you can place the basket somewhere closer to the middle? Perhaps right over the top of a working hole on the spray arm. Those can be cleaned with a bent hanger or paper clip.

Works great
by: Anonymous

Never, ever had the wax plug not melt. Always leaves DW shinning, sparkling clean. I have used Finsih brand, too and it works well, also, so I am not particularly brand loyal. Just saying that I have no complaints with Dishwasher Magic so far.

I always run the hottest load temp possible so maybe that's why the wax plug issue has never been an issue for me.

Melted plug
by: Deb4giants

First time user here, followed directions correctly, opened dishwasher expecting in the least a fresh scent, but when I pulled bottle out of flatware basket , bottle still 2/3 fill with cleaner ? The wax plug melted but all cleaner not used, am I allowed to save this for another use? Is the dishwasher suppose to empty entire bottle in one cleaning cycle?

plug won't melt
by: Sally

On my 5th attempt hottest Sani cycle water heater 130 degrees, plug hasn’t budged.

taking the second bottle back
by: Pam Petersen

I used this product in my dishwasher last night, and I could not see any improvement at all. I am disappointed. My husband bought two bottles of it at Menard's, and we are taking the second bottle back.

plug didn't melt
by: Nancy

Same problem with wax plug not melting. I went to their site and checked faq and no help. So I just ran bottle under hot sink water till it was really thin and use a straw to kind of push it down and now running dishwasher again and hopefully that works.

No problem
by: Beth K

I have used Dishwasher Magic for many years and have never had any problems. Leaves my dishwasher clean and smelling good.

The opposite problem
by: Geoff

I had the opposite problem - the wax melted, but I had forgotten to remove the seal, so now I have a full bottle with no wax seal.

Any suggestions?

Magic wax plug
by: Sharon Carney

Is the wax plug supposed to melt completely or just melt a small puncture hole in order to be "timed released"?

can I put it in the soap dispenser?
by: Jeff

3 out 4 time it works fine, then all the dish soap doesn't come out. Can I put some Dishwasher Magic in the soap dispenser?

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