Cleaning Floor Linoleum With Magic Eraser: Can It Be Done Safely?

by SR101 Reader

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring

I got this question about cleaning floor linoleum from a reader.

SR101 Reader Asks:

Is it safe to use a Magic Eraser to clean my kitchen linoleum floor?

Taylor's Answer:

That was actually a pretty tough question to find the answer to, but here are the results of my research.

Linoleum and vinyl flooring are pretty similar, at least in how you care for them, although apparently linoleum is the greener alternative (but also less common, at least currently in newer homes than vinyl).

Whether you have vinyl or linoleum floors it appears the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser appears to be safe to use on these surfaces at least in small does (see the caution below, however, before using them!)

In fact, some linoleum is textured, and therefore is prone to getting dirt caught in the wells and crevices of the textured flooring. In those situations a magic eraser sponge may be just the thing needed to really get in there and clean up the dirt and debris.

As a note of caution, however, please note that these sponges are made of melanine foam, and work through the power of abrasion. Both vinyl and linoleum floors are rather soft and are prone to scratching anyway. Therefore, when you use the Mr. Clean sponge (or its generic equivalent) on such a surface it is leaving small micro-scratches on the surface. If you do it too
much, or over too large of a surface it will cause the finish to dull from all those tiny little scratches.

Further, some linoleum floors are waxed. If this is the case using this cleaning product for them can rub away the protective waxy layer, meaning you will need to reapply wax to the floor sooner than you would have otherwise.

Therefore, my suggestion would be to use this cleaning product sparingly on both vinyl and linoleum flooring, although to get a small scuff or a spot of ground in dirt it should be fine.

If you're very concerned about how it will impact your flooring I would definitely spot check the product in an inconspicuous area, and then examine it closely to see what kinds of scratches or dulling occurs, before using it in a very visible area.

I would love to hear your tips for how to clean linoleum floors, and what you do to keep them clean. You can share your cleaning tips here with me.

I've answered this question as part of my cleaning help and questions section of the site. I'd love it if you asked me your own questions, or just came over and checked out what other things I've already answered for other readers!

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stain from magic eraser on the tile, since I didn't follow your advice
by: Jo

Your advice about Magic Eraser on Linoleum floors was very useful. Unfortunately, I saw it AFTER I used it on my kitchen floor that has 12 inch black-white squares ("tiles") between red strips.

Magic Eraser worked well, brightening the white squares BUT left scuff marks when I tried to scrub out a stain on a black one. Probably removed the wax polish now very visisble on black. (Baking soda-vinegar did the same thing to another black square).

Is there a way to remove what looks like drip dried stain of something and restore the shine--on the black ones?

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