Blue Laundry Soap Dye Off Cabinet Door

by Becky

Question: Any ideas how to get blue dye from laundry soap out of a white cabinet door?

Taylor's answer: Laundry mishap, huh?

I hate it when I spill liquid laundry detergent everywhere, because it makes such a big mess.

Have you tried just washing the cabinet door to remove all the sticky detergent, because this may be all you need to do.

Generally, the blue color which is in laundry detergent is not designed to stain, because otherwise you would always stain your clothes when you washed them.

The blue color is placed there, I am sure partly for aesthetics, but also because many laundry detergents contain "bluing." This is an additive which makes your white look whiter through a trick of the light, based on the way the light is refracted off the clothing.

Washing off the laundry detergent from the cabinet door will most likely take some time and patience though, and a good deal of clean towels or rags and water, because the detergent will suds as you try to wash it away, and the whole cabinet door will become slick with wet detergent.

You will need to switch to clean water and clean rags and towels frequently to actually make any progress.

Now, if just cleaning off the cabinets does not work, and they are really stained blue the best thing may be to just repaint them, if they are painted.

Hope this helps!

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