Behold Furniture Polish Review - Lemon Scent

by Alma
(Thorton, Colorado)

Alma has shared her review of Behold Furniture Polish, in the lemon scent.

Alma says:

I use this furniture polish to dust my manufactured wood coffee table, end tables, and TV stand. I also used it on an antique gossip bench.

I love the lemon scent, which is not overpowering.

The spray comes out evenly in a fine mist with good coverage. There is no leaking at the nozzle. The button for the spray is easy to push down, and doesn't get stuck like some do. Plus, the size of the can fit in my hand very well.

I use an old tee shirt to polish the furniture. It leaves the furniture shiny and clean, without any residual polish.

I like that I don't have to work very hard to polish everything with it. I have to say though that it works better on the manufactured pieces than on the antique piece I own.

After using Behold furniture polish on the antique bench I typically find some residual polish. Of course, there is a layer of shellac on this piece that is not on the manufactured furniture, which may be why there is a difference.

Overall, I like this product, and thinks it works very well.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Alma for your review of this product.

I had never heard of this particular product until you sent me in this review, so I tried to do some research about it, and frankly couldn't find out much information.

Apparently, this brand is rather old and was recently purchased, along with Endust, by the Sara Lee Corporation.

I also couldn't find many places that sell this product. I did find some third party sellers selling it on Amazon (see the links above), but I'm not sure these are very well priced, especially with the large shipping charges.

Therefore, I would love to hear from others who have seen this product in stores, to share where you can purchase it. In addition, I would love to hear more reviews of it.

You can share your wood furniture polish and cleaner review here, for this or another brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why. In addition, you can read other reviews of other brands which have already been submitted.

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how to remove drips of this from a comforter?
by: Ann

Accidentally I left a can of the above product on my down comforter. It dripped and left a stain on the comforter. Not sure what to do. I plan to dab it to dry it a bit.

I tried calling BEHOLD company. However they are not open until Monday. By then, it will be dry and harder to get out.

If you have any ideas, please advise.

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