Arm And Hammer Laundry Detergent Review

by Joy Smith
(Salina, Utah)

Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent - Clean Burst Scent

Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent - Clean Burst Scent

Joy has shared her Arm and Hammer laundry detergent review here, of the liquid, Clean Burst scent.

Joy says:

I do not remember why I originally got this detergent. I just happened to have a bottle of Arm and Hammer regular liquid, Clean Burst scent. No special formulation.

I had run out of the last detergent used, and needed to clean some dirty laundry, so I opened it and poured some in the washing machine, put my clothes in and waited for 20 minutes.

When I went back to check the machine, wow! The clothes smelled wonderful! Even better, they smelled great out of the dryer too. They smell wonderful when being folded and they smell great when you put them on.

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As far as I can tell, I have not seen any unusual wear and tear from this detergent: if anything, the clothes are staying in better shape longer than with my previous detergent, which was an inexpensive white powder.

For stains I use Oxiclean, so the Arm and Hammer is not particularly great at stain removal, probably as good as most detergents.

I have used Arm and Hammer laundry detergent in warm, hot, and cold washes and it worked well in all temperatures. Nobody has experienced allergic reactions, and the clothes have never been left with any odors other than that wonderful smell!

I have used this detergent as a pre-soak with clothes that I thought might not come clean, such as dirty socks that had been walked around in without shoes. I started the washer, let it fill with the socks and a cupful of Arm and Hammer laundry detergent in there. Then opened the lid
so the cycle would not continue and left it like that for about half an hour. Following the finish of this cycle, the socks were definitely whiter.

Therefore, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent is effective as a detergent pre-soak.

I have also used water and a small amount of Arm and Hammer mixed in a bowl to scrub dirty surfaces in my house as well as upholstery that I could not put in the washing machine. This detergent does well at these things and it leaves upholstery smelling really nice.

Because detergent is slippery it is good at pre-treating surfaces that are not going to come clean without a little soaking. This is the kind of surface, such as a stove or countertop, that is similar to dishes but cannot be put into the sink to soak.

Just one or two minutes of the detergent solution sitting on these surfaces, and I can go back to easily scrub or sometimes just wipe it clean with a cloth.

Basically, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent is pretty versatile stuff and it leaves your house smelling awesome!

Taylor says:

Thanks Joy for sharing your great uses for laundry detergent for other things besides cleaning your clothes!

I also appreciate your Arm and Hammer laundry detergent review, and think you have a great method for presoaking your clothes with the detergent. That can really make a difference in getting them really clean.

Does anyone else have a laundry detergent that they really like, like Joy does, either for its scent, or how it cleans or for whatever reason? If so, share your laundry detergent review here.

You can also read more information, reviews and ratings of Arm and Hammer detergent here.

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Arm And Hammer Powder Detergent Review - Gets My Grimy Work Clothes Clean

by Jane H.
(Bemidji, MN USA)

Alpine Clean Scent

Alpine Clean Scent

Jane says:

Arm & Hammer Alpine Clean is a must for my situation. My old Maytag has developed a washing machine odor and the process for cleaning it isn't something I care to do.

When I use Arm & Hammer the odor goes away. I'm not sure why.

I have three cats and a dog, all of which make messes, and I live on a farm and am in the lapidary business. These activities result in a lot of grimy towels, clothes, and rags.

I need a laundry detergent that keeps these items clean and usable at a moment's notice. Arm & Hammer powder detergent seems to fit the bill.

It is also good for nicer laundry, including shirts, jeans, bedclothes, and good towels.

It has a nice scent that does not overpower.

I like the idea that its active ingredient is baking soda, that old standby for keeping odors at bay. It seems more natural. I will keep using Arm & Hammer.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jane for your Arm and Hammer powder detergent review.

Do you use Arm & Hammer detergents and want to share your own review? If so, you can share your review here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, do you have a business or lifestyle that results in lots of grimy dirty clothes, like Jane? If so, I would love to hear what laundry detergent you use to keep your clothes clean.

You can share your laundry detergent reviews here, for any brand, telling me what detergent is your favorite, and why.

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Comments for Arm And Hammer Powder Detergent Review - Gets My Grimy Work Clothes Clean

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love it
by: Elaine

Love the Arm & Hammer liquid. Definitely gets the job done.

generally good, but still use Tide sometimes
by: Cyndi

I use this brand a lot - it does a great job generally but if I have something with oil-based stains, I need Tide. I just pay the money for it because nothing else works.

liquid detergent
by: Brenda

Really love this detergent. Works well on all clothing types. Have a child with sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate him. Smells good too. Have used it for about 5 years now.

can't open bottle top well at all
by: Janet

This is the third time I have had to remove that horrible lid with a box cutter.

I keep hoping the next bottle I buy will have addressed this problem, but so far, nothing. I simply can't turn it, no matter how I try.

I love all the A&H products, from the cat litter, toothpaste and baking soda, along with many others. All of them do a great job, and are reasonably priced.

That lid however on the laundry soap, is just awful. I wonder if it is somehow welded on there?

Please, do something about it. I hate to have to use another product because of something as annoying as the lid on the bottle.

If I knew how to do it I would send you a picture of the container on its way to the blue box, complete with a hole cut in the side so I can use the contents.

cannot open bottle
by: Anonymous

I am reasonably intelligent and quite strong. The two tabs on the collar of the plastic container of Arm and Hammer for sensitive skin detergent will not budge. I have been chipping away at the plastic collar with an opening tool that works with everything else, but not on this. THIS IS SO STUPID; NO INSTRUCTIONS ON CONTAINER; NO WAY TO PRESS OR TURN OR GET OPEN.

Can I give zero stars?

Pouring spout installed backward
by: Hugh

Arm & Hammer cleans fine and the problem I have is that 3 containers in the past year had the pouring spout installed backwards, making pouring almost impossible. One I fixed, one was returned and the 3rd was today and I've not decided what to do. Quality control should get on the stick or I'll have to go elsewhere.

Can't get into the bottle
by: Anonymous

With all the hype and coupons out there, you'd think Arm and Hammer would want you to at least try their laundry detergent. It's a little hard when you can't even get the cap off. Whoever's bright idea those little tabs were needs come here and open it for me. Better yet, I'm taking it back to the store and buying something I can actually use.

How to open liquid detergent
by: Kathy

How in the world are you supposed to open the stupid bottle of Arm and Hammer liquid detergent. First time I bought this stuff. Always used the powder. This is ridiculous. No arrows, no tabs, nothing!

Couldn't open, so I threw it away
by: Anonymous

I tried for about an hour to figure out how to open the cap, but the thing is sealed closed thanks to the way the plastic catches on two little tabs. No amount of pushing or twisting would open the bottle, so I just left it sitting in the car er by the trash can. What a waste of money, but I won't be making that mistake again.

Bottle can't be opened
by: Sandy

Why hasn't anyone address the issue of the unopenable Arm and Hammer bottle? I even wrote the company and didn't get a reply back. When, and IF, I get this bottle open, it will be my LAST bottle of A&M.

Allergic reaction after trying Arm & Hammer
by: Sue

I switched from Xtra to Arm and Hammer. I washed my scrubs in it and off to work I went. I felt a burning, bumpy rash on my upper arms, back and thighs. I figured it was the detergent because that was the only thing new I had used.

Here's how I opened my 1.36-gallon bottle of Arm & Hammer
by: Annie

The body of the detergent bottle (this size) is a gold color. It has the tabs, etc., that LOOK like they should be removed. But I think they are there because the pouring spout is attached. The actual cap is yellow and is located at the top. It measures about 2" on mine from top to bottom. All I had to do was apply some strength and unscrew the yellow lid.

Unpleasant smell!!
by: Carlotta

Normally I use the blue cap one. My husband grabbed the green capped one last month. When I opened, the liquid emitted a horrible, unpleasant smell. Thinking it was my imagination, I went ahead and did a load of laundry. The laundry had the same smell. Today, I tried a load of towels and my husband came through the utility room and said, "Did one of the dogs get sick? It STINKS in here!" I called the Kroger's where he got it and they had not had any complaints. He said it may be a bad batch and to bring back in and get the detergent of my choice.

by: Evelyn

This product is a waste of money. I might as well just put on the water it doesn't clean at all.

by: cs

My wife changed our detergent from All and Kirkland which both seemed safe for many months and years- to this new Arm & Hammer detergent.

I did two laundry loads, one for the bed linens and one for the clothes. Twelve hours later I had a rash and 24 hours later when I woke one eye was swollen shut, the other 75% shut. My face had swollen to twice its size and my neck had golf ball sized welts.

Why do these companies add such excessive dyes and perfumes- are they hiding something? Clothes with a single dryer sheet smell just as clean and fresh. I cannot begin to imagine the toll it must be quietly taking on children's skin. WE are switching back to detergents without all the other stuff in it.

Getting the Lid off Laundry Detergent Bottle
by: Patricia

I just spent about half an hour trying to open the lid on the Clean Burst liquid detergent. I thought that the two tabs on the lower portion of the cap was a child protection feature but I could not get them to budge. Of course it was past the A&H call center hours. I searched the web for a possible solution but all I got was how good the detergent was. Then I found postings that people couldn't get the bottle open and just threw it away! I was going through the reviews on this site, with little success, when I came upon Annie's. Thank you!!! The tabs have nothing to do with opening the bottle. The actual cap is really the small portion on top and with a little effort, the bottle top unscrews like any other liquid detergent bottle.

Measure bars
by: Sandy

This is the first detergent that I can’t figure out how to measure. I can’t find any bars inside the cap that are marked as measures. Am I missing something?

Watch out for Arm and Hammer powered detergent
by: Anonymous

I brought home some with a pink flower on the front (they didn't have the PLAIN one I usually buy). Break out in hives (wanting to scratch my sink off) every time I put on something "clean". Figured out it was the soap. They sent a coupon but store still didn't have what I usually get (free of perfume), so I got a different one. Same story!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy. I've been buying the same detergent for 25 years. What did they put in that stuff?

How to open the lid
by: Anonymous

The lid and the plastic ring are not connected. With your left hand (if left handed do the opposite) hold the ring still and with your right hand turn the lid using some force. I used rubber gloves as I have arthritis in my fingers. I had no problem. I just gave the lid a good strong turn. The ring is part of the spout.

allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I used Arm & Hammer detergent & Purex for year, with no problems. Recently I bought Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and I broke out in hives/rash that Started to sting theN bump up. It has been two weeks and I have no to little relief after seeking medical attention. They gave me a steroid cream and told me take Zyrtec in the morning and benadryl at night.

gone bad
by: Anonymous

I've used Arm & Hammer for years but the last bottle I bought Clean Burst, and I noticed I was itching and then I broke out in a terrible rash. It's the only thing it could be because I haven't changed anything else. What have they put in it for so many others to be effected too? I'm done with it!!!

Used it for 20 years but totally allergic now
by: Chris

Possible formula change, concentrated, really not sure but not using it anymore. Water, vinegar and baking soda from now on.

How can I get the right measurement?
by: Anonymous

The measuring cup lines on the inside of the cup are practically invisible. How can I put in the correct amount of detergent when I can't see the lines? Arm & Hammer needs to get with it and make the lines clearer like Tide has.

Great detergent
by: Linda M.

Great detergent and works well. Less expensive than some of the others.

by: Gramma Q

I have been using Arm & Hammer for many years. My clothes come out very clean, stain free for the most part, and smell nice.

Do not buy this product - allergic reaction
by: Georgia

I thought I had fleas, but that didn't make sense because I don't have any pets but my skin kept getting more and more red spots. I finally realized it was the Arm and Hammer detergent I had switched to after having a video conference with my doctor. When I lifted my shirt and showed her my stomach she said there is no way that was from bugs without me seeing one. I have been miserable for days. Even after I washed ALLLLLLLLLL my clothes, sheets, blankets and pillows with a different detergent my clothes still itch me. The itching was so bad I had to leave my job and go buy another outfit to wear. I have never been allergic to anything but this experience has spooked me for real. These spots look more like burns. Now I have to spend extra money, buying new sheets and take all my clothes to a laundry mat and wash them in hot water ONLY to try and get rid of whatever it is that is causing me to break out like this. I'm glad I found out what it was sooner rather than later.

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