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You can get a Mega Ebook with links to over 21 free ebooks PDF downloads, for a variety of diverse topics, created by a group of website owners (including me) wanting to say thanks to you for reading our sites!

I've teamed up with 21 other website owners who have all created free ebooks for download on their sites to create this Mega ebook for you. The idea all started at a conference each of us attended, where we decided to provide some free content, and hopefully get people interested in the ideas and information we have on our sites.

This Mega Ebook provides links to the over 21 free downloadable books we've all created, on a wide range of topics. Obviously, not all of them will appeal to you. However, if you even find one on the list which you think is interesting, I'll be happy.

The topics vary widely, including travel, decorating, fitness and weight loss, parenting, entertaining, pets, and of course, my book, about housekeeping checklists for your home.

Since these free ebooks PDF downloads are gifts to you, I would love it if you would tweet, post on your Facebook wall, or email your friends this link so they can get their own copy too if you like what you see!

Free Ebooks PDF Downloads Titles And Topics Available

  • Affordable Rome Sightseeing
  • Bostom Tourism Essentials
  • Branding and Trademarks
  • Country Decorating Ideas For Log Home Interiors
  • Five Ways To Create Lasting Happiness
  • Getting Back In Shape After 60!
  • Good Parenting Skills: Keys To Successful Parenting
  • Great Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas
  • House Cleaning Lists And Schedules For Your Home (That's My Book! - get it by being a Facebook fan!)
  • How To Find The Best Local Floor Guy Online
  • Kid Friendly Recipes For Rainy Day Activities
  • Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle
  • Pen Pal Friendships
  • Propel Your Kids to Success by Understanding Their Unique Learning Styles
  • Puppy Information That Works
  • Retirement: Top Ten Tips
  • Secrets to Choosing a Family Vacation
  • Seven Things You Should Know About Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss
  • Six Awesome Ideas For Kid Friendly Vacations
  • Tea Parties: Four Seasons of Tea Party Ideas
  • Walt Disney World Basics
  • What Is Attachment Parenting?

I know, that is quite a diverse list, isn't it? If you're interested in any of these topics, you can click below for your copy of the Mega Ebook, with links to get any of these free ebooks PDF downloads for yourself. I hope you enjoy this free gift!

mega book of ebooks

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